Monday, September 28, 2009

'Atrevida' Magazine Scans - new interview

The interview is "new" but they just talk about the same things.

I didn't have the time to translate everything, just a few of Rob's quotes. Keep in mind that this was originally in English, then translated to Portuguese and then translated to English again, so a few of them aren't the exact words Rob said.

About fame and the paparazzi

"Everything is so bizarre. You need to pee and then all out of nowhere 20 people show up screaming 'hey, hey' and all I can think is 'I still haven't even washed my hands'"

"I see people as individuals. In my head, they would never scream, I think they would be embarrassed. The public's mind is bizarre. But I know the fans only want the best for me. Not like the paparazzi.."

"I get annoyed at the paparazi because it's only interesting to them when you're down. They're around you all the time, just waiting for the moment you'll make a mistake. They think that's all we have to offer. But I don't have to give anything to them."

"One day they said to me 'smile, smile'. And when I did, they said 'ah, he's so boring!'. Then all of them fell in the bushes and that made me laugh."

About his music

"I went to a concert in Vancouver of Jackson Rathbone's band and it made me feel upset because I can't do shows. I'm scared that people will record them when I'm not ready yet. I wanted to record an album. I should have done that already, but I don't have time. But I've already written songs for that."

About love

"First, you need to decide if you like the person. Because after that, nothing else matters. Unless she does something terrible, like cheating on you in public. But if you like someone, you should follow your instincts."

Scans - also Kristen's interview


- Jéssica Fraga & Katiane Labela said...

I'm Jessyca ' Brazilian fan and the inteview of this Magazine is EXCLUSIVE ' and very nice' Kisses ;*

SharonMacross said...

Is it me or does the cover picture look weird? Like the photoshopped a bunch of his pictures together to get a whole "new" pic because he never gave this magazine the time of day to sit down and do a real cover.


Unknown said...

The photo is turned around. That's why the nose looks crooked. The whole interview is fabricated, made of a few comments from other two-three interviews. Copy-cats! In any case, Rob is right not to sing in public. His chosen style is weird and wrong for him. He needs more professional voice training and placing and he'll be fine. I heard one of his new songs from New Moon and it sounds almost PERFECT. Plus... most of these actors' bands are bad. Who wants to be mediocre?

starfire09 said...

I so agree with Sandy about Rob's voice. He has a good tone to his voice, and I feel the same that his chosen style is wrong for him. He definitely needs voice training. It's very hard to understand what he's saying or singing sometimes with the lyrics, but I don't know, maybe if he were sitting in front of me singing to just me I'd love it then. LOL!