Monday, September 21, 2009

London Premiere Cancelled?

21st September 2009
Summit Entertainment have decided to hold the World Premiere of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON in LA on 16th November therefore plans to hold a London Premiere have been cancelled.

A decision on whether to have any fan screenings prior to the release on 20th November are still being considered. If these screenings go ahead whether or not any of the cast attend is also unsure. Swan Cinema’s competition to send one lucky winner and a guest to the London Premiere has been thrown into disarray as a result of this decision. However should any fan screening be scheduled for London we will still send the lucky winner and a guest to the London screening.

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ETA: Thanks to Isacullen at Pattinsonlife, here is the World Premiere - Official Statement

Hello Twilighters

Here is the official statement regarding this. (we know there is a few rumours online).

Summit Entertainment has announced that the World Premiere of NEW MOON will take place on Monday 16th November in Los Angeles.
Therefore, E1 Entertainment is in the process of organising a NEW MOON UK fan event with the cast on November 11th and will let people know further details as soon as they are confirmed.

We will of course update everyone with any news we hear re any fan events etc.


The Twilight Team



Unknown said...

NO WAY!!! No London premiere?! No way! They have to have one there, comeON!

Unknown said...

WHAT?! what Sandy said! NO WAY!! THE BUMBUMS! how could they do this to us TL fans :( i wanna London premiere...

SharonMacross said...

Oh my....

The WORLD Premiere?

How lucky am I to live in LA and have Monday's off...
though I'm going alone, I hope elbowing the tweens in front of me won't be too hard.

Anonymous said...

there better a london premiere or fan event if not im going to av a heartattack. Pls make sure there is some kind of event for new in the uk unless there will b alot of dissappointed fans