Saturday, April 9, 2011

Water for Elephants in Total Film (June 2011) - Interviews with Rob, Reese and Francis Lawrence + Review of the movie

There's an interview with Rob, Reese and Francis Lawrence. Rob talks about working with 'Oscar winners', animals, the movie and more. Francis Lawrence talks about casting Rob and Reese talks a little about Rob's fans and paparazzi.

There's also a short interview with Gary Johnson, Tai's trainer, where he talks about Rob. And Total Film reviews Water for Elephants.

Total Film reviews Water for Elephants

Thanks to mediocrechick at Pattinsonlife


Suus said...

O I love those photo's

twilightnan said...

Rob looks so Handsome in tux..thanks have totally spoiled us with lots of gorgeous pics of Rob...He looks Amazing and WOW!! in all of those..especially all the wfe stills and promo/press junkets pics...hi to all the favs!!

anani said...

i hope another of his poor performances has not ruined the film based on my favourite book. by the way one of the critics already called his acting in WFE "wooden"