Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

To all who celebrate the day

Happy Easter! &hearts

Deb is amazing and made this awesome banner!


twilightnan said...

Thanks for the Easter Greetings RPL!!and Happy Easter to you and all Rob's fans around the world..especially those in the beautiful Philippines islands!!and all my favourites Favs!..and of course our gorgeous,Rob and his amazing 'WFE 'film that is hopping along with Massive hops to the top of BO!!I know it is on 3rd behind RIO-(2nd wk)..Tyler..not sure how long this been opened and WFE-(2days so far latest early morning 23-4-11..hope it will go up more when Sunday viewing is included!)--so it looks like Rob's film is doing pretty good!!but we all still have to support it so we need to go and see the film for Rob!..several times if you can!

twmmy said...

Happy Eater for RPL and all fans who are in this blog. Have a nice holiday. Jeez, I'm going to Berlin !!!

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