Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rob's Interview with Joy Magazine (Germany)

"I'm quite a coward"

Robert Pattinson (24) takes a break of playing a vampire and discovered his heart for animals on set of his new movie.

You play a young vet who works for a travelling circus. Why did this role attract you?
"I liked just rolling around in the dirt the most. (laughs) My character in the 'Twilight' movies is so obsessional. I always have the same expression, I'm not allowed to change my face and never sweat. If I just have a tiny bead of sweat, suddenly five makeup artists bustle around me."

Was it difficult shooting with animals?
"It's probably similar to shooting with babies, they don't adhere to stage directions either. Elephants do whatever they want. Whenever I had unexpectedly a trunk in my face, I had to improvise spontaneously. "

Are you afraid of the wild animals?
"Oh yes, especially of the zebras, because they are so unpredictable. Once a zebra ran towards us and I ran away in panic. Later I heard that everyone made fun of me. Christoph Waltz always joked that he throw himself in front of Reese to save her life, while I apparently disappeared behind a caravan like a coward. (laughs)"

You've also filmed several scenes with a dog. Is that why you now have your own dog?

"Yes, after the shooting I directly adopted my four-legged friend from the animal shelter. He was going to be put down the next day. He's a mongrel and I'm still looking for a name. The poor was completely confused at the beginning: One day still in the shelter, the next day he's already in the privat jet from Vancouver, where I'm shooting 'Breaking Dawn' since 6 months, to LA and now lives in the 'Four Seasons'. (laughs)"

The dog has indeed taken over your heart at first sight. Do you also believe in love at first sight with women?
"Yes, because I've always noticed at the first meeting if a woman is something special. I absolutely believe in the big love - it's such a great feeling! When you're in love with someone, you want to show her all the time, that she's the best in the whole wide world."

Who did you have a crush on as a teenager?

"I was head over heels in love with Kate Moss."

Why do you actually never talk about your relationship to your co-star Kristen Stewart?
"I've never had the need to reveal my love life. I cured of that already when I was 12. At that time I asked a girl out and the other day everybody was whispering and laughing in school. What a fuss! It was so childish and embarrassing, so that I've never spoken to that girl again. (laughs) The more people know about you, the more they also speculate about the rest. That also has a devastating effect on the stock exchange. (laughs)"

Do you understand that many people envy your great life?
"Just because they don't know it in detail. My life is actually pretty boring. I work all day, live in hotels, sit in airplanes or sleep in the car."

Do you do something about arranging your hotel room a bit more personal?
I always have my guitar collection with me. Unfortunately I can't practise until late at night, the shooting start too early. And I always take my own TV with me, the ones in the hotel suck. Meanwhile I own around 5,000 DVDs - from which I haven't seen 4,000. That's an advantage when you spend much time alone in hotels: I'm becoming a real movie connoisseur. (laughs)"

Scans and translation thanks to Robsteners | Via

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