Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rob's Interview with - New Picture + Translation

ETA: Better translation thanks to Sonja

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Fate has bitten him. He is askew beautiful. Sleepy eyes. Angular head. Tousled hair. Stubble vampire-beard. Living lips. An innocent, shy, romantic smile. Perfect?!

Robert Pattinson (24, “ Twilight ”saga), the man with whom every woman wants to have breakfast. A mix of Hugh Grant, James Dean, and Jesus Christ beer-drinking vampire.

Hotel de Rome. Roof terrace. Bodyguard. Assistants – and “BILD”. He is tall, shy, open, relaxed, friendly, humble, loves to laugh and has a warm, careful voice. He drinks Coke.

He is wearing an outfit of “Hugo Boss”: “It was hanging as a gift in my suite – and my clothes were dirty.”

BILD: Describe yourself?
“I do not even know who I am. Earlier, before I became famous, it was easy. Now it’s hard. If you always have to talk about yourself, your character is exhausted. I am me.“

He came with Air Berlin from the Caribbean – no private jet. He travels with hand luggage: backpack, bag and guitar. He smokes, is allergic to hashish, and earned 27 million dollars last year. His life is dream and nightmare.

“I’m afraid to buy a house because then it would be besieged.” His success is his prison, he is on the run – from millions of fans.

His latest film “Water for Elephants” is a true mirror of his soul (last premiere in Berlin, Germany). Story: A young vet loses everything. He jumps on a circus train – and will grow up painfully. His love Reese Witherspoon. His opponent: Christoph Waltz!

A kind of “Gone with the Wind” on rails: “I felt so comfortable in the movie, because I could be me. I had little dialogue – but much to respond to. I felt almost naked, mentally.“

BILD: How do you live?
“I wake up and fall asleep. My most important friend is my alarm clock. I read books on my Kindle and my iPad2 “

BILD: Do you believe in fate?
“I think I do already, makes everything easier – you can do what you want.”

BILD: What does happiness mean to you?
“Simple things. I’m easy to make happy. A pizza and a sixpack of beer are enough. “

BILD: What is your most important possession?
“I do not own anything. I'm always carrying my Gibson electric guitar from 1963 with me. I love to lose my phone. Then you are so free! “

PICTURE: No vice?
“Sometimes I am obsessed. I hoard and collect things – but I don’t have a house. I put everything in storage houses. “

Oscar-Star Christoph Waltz comes.

BILD: What makes Rob unique?
“You only need to look at him“director Francis Lawrence laughs:” He has a secret, something magnetic. Only a camera can detect it and there are people who shine suddenly.” Robert Pattinson laughs – about himself.

BILD: Are you single or in love?
He laughs even more. His big blue eyes look at me. His teeth dazzle: “Well, yes, I am single but I am also in love.”

PICTURE: With whom?
He laughs, I laugh, we laugh, “Sometimes I feel like a native in the jungle. Such a question is like a photo of your soul. I will not have my soul be taken away/ stolen “

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Grain of salt. Bild is a German tabloid with many fake interviews/quotes.


Sushilover said...

Does Christoph have big blue eyes?

Unknown said...

No, Christoph does not have blues eye!

Anonymous said...

Christoph is also married and has been for many years. His wife was at the Berlin premiere with him. I don't think he'd be saying he's single.

Caroline said...

Girls, really? I'm married now, but 6 years ago, when people asked me if i was single i think you know my answer..cause single means not married..and not i'm not dating..