Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reese talks about not remembering working with Rob in Vanity Fair

At 2:05



Jane said...

She just doesn't want anyone to know about that age difference for I have see other interviews where she talked about it. Maybe she didn't want to be identified as a cougar.

kristinson60 said...

I don't think she really remembered that much about it being that the scene with Rob in Vanity Fair was so short and it was over 7 yrs ago. But I can see that it would make her feel weird about it now realizing they were so close in age. It must have been weird for her when she found out she must have thought to herself "gosh, first I play his mother then I play his lover & wife what a reversal of roles".
There have been quite a few interviews where ppl have said her and Rob didn't have much chemistry but I thought they had good chemistry together. What ppl are looking at is the chemistry Rob & Kristen have had together all thru the Twilight Saga and comparing it to WFE but the chemistry Rob & Reese had is what normal actors have in love stories; the chemistry Rob & Kristen had & still have goes way beyond that and that's why they fell in love in real live.