Thursday, April 28, 2011

Water for Elephants Paris Premiere



Fan Pictures

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JA said...

refreshing like a madwoman. he looks so...parisian

Suus said...

he looks great and I like the way this goes on Twitter. So fast and it feels almost as I'v been there (dream on) in person lol

TiKisokA said...

lovely Rob... he can wear ANY SUIT and rock it!
I love Reese' red gown too!
Lovely people all of them!

twilightnan said...

Rob looking so chic in that Black Gucci suit!!the size of the crowd is as massive as in Berlin!!the frenzy and hysteria of the crowds is reminiscence of Twilight premieres all over's so Amazing and it's for a non Twilight film..can't blame them Rob looking so gorgeous!..Hi to the favs:)