Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remember the leather jacket Rob wears in WFE? He kept it

Have you ever wondered what becomes of all the amazing (and no doubt, costly) costumes after a movie finishes filming? Because that's ALL we could think about during "Water for Elephants." Seriously. The stunning gowns, the beaded circus wear, the boots worn by Robert Pattinson—what would happen to those things? Were they just going to be thrown in a trash can somewhere (and if so, WHERE IS THAT TRASH CAN)?

Luckily for us, "WFE" costume designer Jacqueline West stepped in before we descended into Dumpster-diving madness and provided some answers. The clothes, at least for "WFE," were not discarded (phew!). In fact, Jacqueline said that Reese and Rob actually kept some of the items.


Of course, Rob didn't go home empty-handed either.

"I think Rob kept his leather jacket that he jumps off the train in," she said, adding that co-star Christoph Waltz also likely kept a top hat he wore in the film because he "loved it so much."

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Iluvthemovies said...

Love the jacket, I just wonder if he kept the underwear that inspired him in this role.lol