Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rob's Translated Interview With LaStampa

"How circus changes life”- Interview to Robert Pattinson by Lorenzo Soria for La Stampa.it

It is said that the train passes once, a metaphor to suggest that we must take the fly when there are opportunities offered by life and these could not recur again.

Jacob Jankowski gets on a train from a traveling circus and so hebegins an adventure that will change his life. There he will know Marlena, the star of the circus, radiant in her beauty when she performs with the white horses, and Rosie, an impressive as sweet and friendly elephant.

In a nutshell, this is the plot of Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen’s bestseller, now a movie directed by Francis Lawrence. For the millions of fans of the Twilight series, this is also the film starring Robert Pattinson, who finished filming the last two films in the series, and he intends to leave the golden cage of vampire dangerous as it is fascinating to find its new identity as an actor .In Water for Elephants he is just Jacob, the quasi-vet who embarks himself on an adventure that will mark his life. Marlena is Reese Witherspoon, while Christopher Waltz is August, the owner of the circus, a bit ‘as its Colonel Landa’s Inglourious Basterds, able to be softly seductive but also capable of an infinite cruelty. Rob Pattinson now has a pair of army pants, shoes untied, shirt with short sleeves , as always, seems just thrown out of bed.

Pattinson, how was to be on a set with elephants, lions and giraffes?
“It’s a bit ‘like I’ve met a lot of new interesting people, beginning with Tai, our elephant, which is a unique case of intelligence and sensitivity. Treat animals as people stretch, with respect.

“ What does it mean to you circus? You went there as a child?
“I went there once when I was seven. My sister told me and scared me a clown had died and only when I was 19 years she told me that it was not true. I did not come back to circus anymore, but I find the idea of ​ the circus very charming, it is an environment that transports you to another world. “

At the end of the year will hit the theaters “Twilight” movie number four.” Someone says that under the direction of Bill Condon his vampire will become more dangerous.
“There will be more anger. But so goes the book and Condon was not afraid to take that path.

What do you do to recharge?
“I work hard since four years now and I start to think that my batteries are being a bit ‘low. I am very happy with my life, but I would have more control over my work. I would like more time to write and more time at all, do not have this feeling of being on the run. “

Are you thinking of writing a screenplay?
“Considering the scripts I read and movies I’ve ever seen, I often wonder about what is the criterion that make some scripts to be produced into movies. Sometimes I write down ideas when I have free time, I hope to write something.

In the meantime, you can not move freely without the onslaught of fans.
“It happens more in America than when I go back to London, where fans are more respectful. Generally are Americans and Italians fans that asked me to stop when I walk. I can not walk through Times Square, but my life has not changed much, if not for the fact that I work a lot. And yes, I try to preserve my privacy, but I’m not so shy and reserved as many think about me “

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