Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rob's Full Interview on Ellen & Backstage Snack time

Watch in HD

Backstage Snack time

Rob at 2:43

A new pic from Ellen + the first one hq/untagged

Click for HQ

And I couldn't resist - A gif

HD Video - 720p

Ellen Player

Thanks so much Mariana for the link :) | Youtube thanks Blueking141

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HQ/Untagged Still

HD Video - 720p YolycoPro
2nd video | Via


Jane said...

I swear, I could sit and listen to Rob for hours with a big, goofy smile on my face. There will never be any one remotely like him, ever. What a man!

Calihi27 said...

OH.MY.GOD.! LOL!!! Rob munching on ice or whatever. He is SOOOO hilarious!!!!

yellowparachutes said...

LOL LOL LOL .... so funny ... and oh ... his eyelashes !!!

call_it_golden said...

that backstage video... how random. and lol at the little grunt he does.

JA said...

lucky cup

Anonymous said...

I love Ellen. She always brings out the best in her guests, because she just talks to them. She never 'interviews' anyone. And her guests always seem to enjoy themselves, especially Rob. Too funny.

anani said...

snail messiah