Monday, April 11, 2011

Rob to be on 20Heures (TF1 France) on April 28 be featured on 50min Inside on April 30?

Ladies, check your calendar. So it will soon be visiting Paris to promote his new film, Water for Elephants , the beautiful Robert Pattinson should make a detour to visit 20 Heures on TF1.

April 28, the sex symbol of twilight and Reese Witherspoon and part of the team of Water for Elephants will be present in the French capital for the premiere of the film which will be held at the Grand Rex. Unless prevented at the last minute, Robert Pattinson should use his visit to Paris to answer questions from Laurence Ferrari that night. In 2009, when he was promoting the Twilight 2 , Robert Pattinson had already lit up the plateau JT TF1. Does it deliver the cover? Hopefully!

Also, Saturday, April 30, Robert Pattinson will be honored in 50 min Inside , broadcast by Nikos Aliagas and Sandrine Quétier and broadcast on TF1.

Source - Google Translation | Via alexandra1116

ETA: Please keep in mind that the source doesn't confirm that Rob will be on 20Heures - They say he MIGHT BE there on Aprl 28 while promoting Water for Elephants in Paris.

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twilightnan said...

Goodness! Rob is really working very hard doing all these Promotional tours/appearances for WFE..I'm looking forward to see all the pics and videos of all his premieres around the globe..I can't wait to see him all done up in Gucci suits:)..hi to the favs..missing you Mrs. Deen..hope ur OK!!