Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rob talks about Reese, Water for Elephants and Tai





yellowparachutes said...

Thank You .... so lovely !!!!

katy said...

Why SO gorgeous ROB??? :)

twilightnan said...

Rob looks so happy...he totally adores Tai..I love the way he greets Tai in one of the wfe scenes.."you're a beauty"..his voice is so gorgeous..OMG!..I love this man<333...hi to the favs:)

Iluvthemovies said...

I know I can hear the daggers hitting my back but Rob looks awful and not that he is not good looking, he looks so tired. He really needs that nap, poor thing. I think he needs his mother to put some ground rules about shooting a movie, doing press for another movie, all at the same time. He needs sleep. Jeez he is like a trained monkey. I hope this movie does well so it can validate that he can bring money into a movie outside the Twilight franchise, so in future projects he won't have to do them back to back and be able to look fit and do an awesome job of performing at his best. I heard they did another night shoot last night. Makeup and can only do so much.