Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Box Office Magazine Scans - New WFE Stills + Interviews

There are two new 'Water for Elephants' pictures. A new movie still (different from this one posted here) and a new behind-the-scenes picture of Rob and Francis Lawrence.

The Rob interview was posted here, but there's also an amazing interview with Francis Lawrence where he talks about the movie, Rob, the cast and his career. Great read!

Big thanks to stewtothewood for the scans (please credit her) and to KStewDevotee :)

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Iluvthemovies said...

I loved the interview with Francis. I hope this does change people's minds about the sort of movies that are out there. Now the new trend is 3D movies. As in the past I am certain this will past and hopefully as history has shown us everything is circular and that old-fashioned romantic melodramas return at least for a limited time. I am happy Rob selected this role to participate in because the rom-coms are so bad now which leaves action/thrillers and sci-fi/horror movies for escapism. Fanboys are getting plenty of what they want, it is time to switch it up and I hope more men will go to these sorts of movies, it has masculine undertones so hopefully, they will not consider it a chick flick. I am crossing my fingers this movie is a great success critically and with box-office grosses. Tks ladies for posting the article.