Saturday, January 8, 2011

Variety Talks "Cosmopolis", Old Promo Poster and Shooting News

Robert Pattinson has signed on to “Cosmopolis,” which David Cronenberg penned and will direct.

Based on the Don DeLillo tome of the same name, story follows a multimillionaire played by Pattinson who risks his entire fortune to bet against the yen on a cataclysmic day.

Cronenberg will also produce along with Paulo Branco. Renee Tab will exec produce.

Pattinson is slowly trying to break away from his “Twilight” fan base and aiming for more adult-driven projects like this and the Francis Lawrence-directed “Water for Elephants,” which also stars Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.

Cronenberg just finished filming “A Dangerous Method” with Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender and had a slew of projects on his plate to pursue next, including an “Eastern Promises” sequel he has been trying to get off the ground for some time now.

With Pattinson attached, “Cosmopolis” will more than likely be the next film Cronenberg shoots even though a start date has not been set yet

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Alfama films, (Paulo Branco's, co-producer of the movie, production company), reports shooting date and lists Cosmopolis as "Upcoming Film"



Check Alfama Film's website for more info.

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From 2010 Cannes Film Festival

A promotional poster of the movie (Colin Farrell was still linked to the part at the time).


According to Paris Match, it was announced that filming will begin May 23, 2011 in Toronto.

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Iluvthemovies said...

Robert is trending now and this is really good news. This movie plus WFE could be the roles that switch him from teen heartthrob and cougar boytoy to a geniuine adult actor. I know Twilight did wonders for Rob's being the global superstar he is today, but it is his outside projects that intrigue me more about him than Twilight. Twilight seemed to limit his potential and that is probably because of the character more than anything else. I look forward to both WFE and Cosmopolis and Rob as an Adult leading man.

KVSalvatore said...

i agree with you @Iluvthemovies rob is very smart and the best part is that he's choosing scripts he like and that's intersting, can't wait to see Rob in all this new project he has coming up, its going to take a little time for everyone around the globe to see how much potential he has as an actor.

Calihi27 said...

@Ilubethemovies and @vanneCLutz totes agree. These roles will show such different sides to his kick ass acting abilities. I am sick to death of critics questioning his acting abilities beyond the Twilight series. I really like the roles Rob is taking outside of them. I think he is going to shine in all of them and show all the Lame a$$ critics that he is a DAMN F*cking AWESOME ACTOR. Hugs to all the Robsten fans. Including Twiola, Twiglightnan, Beside You, lala/c, Crystal, and everyone else. It is so much better to be on the positive love side of the fandom than those awful haters.

Robrator said...

TBH --- I much prefer Rob in his other roles than as Edward...mainly because the scripts are written so badly in the twisaga.His other projects show hi amazing acting....Bring on 2011 -- the year of rob!!

dorym said...

Poor Robert, he keeps getting these lame movies to do.
Bel Ami is a novella, no great story there.
I just finished reading an excerpt from the first chapter of Cosmopolis, it really stinks.
Water for Elephants is still hanging mid-air (no pun intended) and Remember Me was a failure because it only appealed to his teenaged fans, the story was weak.
Robert, take some acting lessons and read the book before you accept a part.
Twilight was a hugh success because the plot was so original and the characters believable and likable even though they should not have been. It will be very intersting to see what becomes of these actors after the series is over.
Kristin had a career before Tilight and she will continue because she is an accomplished actress and grew up in the business.

twmmy said...

Hah, I think Maupassant just rolling in his tomb. Bel Ami is not a great story ? Wow @dorym, are you serious? And Remember ME is faied...Hmmm. the script was announced at WGA awards..i if it was failed, that blaims te critics and after that the american audience who didn't want to see a film about the Towers. and the poor Summit promo. Just say. Rob had a carrier before Twilight. And my opinion is though i lurve Rob and like twilight, the scipts are dumb, blame Melissa Rosenberg, and the story is without stupid too.

Anonymous said...

wow dorym ..I think you shouldn't waste your time to follow rob's career because "he keeps getting these lame movies to do"

Because Cosmopolis really stinks (even with Cronenberg as director) and Bel Ami just a Novella even it is a Classic Novella by Guy de Maupassant from French literature

Remember Me failure cause just get more 50M with 16m budjet and WFE is "still hanging mid-air (no pun intended)" because CNN's '10 Films to Look Forward To This Year

OH .... REALLY ...
*sigh* ...

Dont waste your precious time ..really...

JA said...

have to set the record straight here...if RM only appealed to teenaged fans, it would have been a blockbuster.

imho, Bel-Ami is an amazing piece of literature. i only wish i could speak french so that i could have read the un-translated version. i personally can't wait to see rob in this.

As for Cosmopolis, i've heard mixed reviews but will have to judge for myself. Imagining rob in the role always helps.

dorym said...

Cosmopolis: It will be interesting to see if a good script writer can pull it off.
BEl Ami: Something must have been lost in the translation.
Remember Me: the box office draw was poor and they did what they could to pump it up.

I'm not saying Rob is not a good actor, he is, I've seen all of his films, I just believe that he is being miscast in some of these roles.
For instance, when I read Water for Elephants I did not envision Reese Witherspoon, who is mostly a comedic actress, as the lead.
It is important to have the right chemistry in a film, it will be interesting to see if sparks fly between these two.

Anonymous said...

which film he is a good actor and which film he is being miscast, enlighten me please ..., I want to know your opinion

and please dont judge the chemistry between Rob and hiscostar base on 1,57 menit teaser trailer.

and yes Kristin had a career before Tilight and she will continue because she is an accomplished actress and grew up in the business (your word)and ROB didn't?

I love kristen Stewart, dont jugde me..

twilightnan said...

@dormy,.reading your comments about Rob "lame movies",made 'that protective instinct in me as a mother to put down my own are actually on a site dedicated to Robert Pattinson so you do understand most of the people who come to this site are mostly a fan or supporters of Rob and would be pissed by your comments...ITA with erpatz..why waste your time following Rob's career if "he keeps getting these lame movies to do"..Rob and Reese were cast in WFE as far as I know before Twilight exploded..and the author Sarah Gruen was over the moon with the casting..and So far WFE short Trailer has had a tremendous/positive impact..I disagree with you that Rob was miscast in in some of his roles..ok let's see ..How to be-as Art-Rob was brilliant/funny--the haunted airman as TobyJugg-critics said-best performance of his young career *Little Ashes as young Salvador Dali--captivating ,mersmerising ,terrific and authentic performance,--Love and !he was terrific throughout that 12 minutes performance,..Bad mother's handbook is the only one I have not seen and i have heard one movie critic said Rob was miscast in this film--"they tried to make him looked ugly and he is such a beautiful young man".and of course as Cedric in Harry Potter he was brilliant..and in Twilight.. well, I don't need to say anything ..if you are a real fan of Robert Pattinson you already know the impact of being cast as Edward Cullen to Rob's professional and personal life !I'm also reading far so good.. this is an adult role so there will be no trace of Edward a real Rob's fan...I'm excited to see his performance on these films..WFE,BEL AMI<and now Cosmopolis...I wish Rob all the best..I'm positive he will deliver!!hugs to my favs.