Friday, January 21, 2011

NEW Pictures of Rob at the Golden Globes

We're putting up a compilation post with new HQ pictures + all the other ones (will include a zip file)

But here a preview with some great HQ ones - and those 2 MQs :D



HQ - The picture of him arriving at the Golden Globes now in HQ and some new ones



twilightnan said...

Well ,Hello Mr Eric Packer!!love the sunglasses..Rob should have won the sexiest Man Alive 2010!..he looked dazzling in that gorgeous midnight blue Gucci suit!! hi to my favs!

Nicole said...

I really think that Rob will be sexiest man 2011. He has three movies coming out this year, and people knows that he will be in the news non stop in 2011. And he looks amazing in those glasses! So hot!

Therusticowl said...

Aren't those the exact same sunglasses Bella wore in Eclipse?

twilightnan said...

@Amanda, I don't think it is the same..Kristen,Bella's was slightly pointed..Rob commented Kristen looks like a Steffords know that science fictions film about perfect housewife..JMO..hope it helps..hugs to my favs:)