Friday, January 21, 2011

New/Old Fan Pictures of Rob at the 'Remember Me' premiere in London

You can read Paola's story here here


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Anonymous said...

I'd love if the first picture (highlighted) were without tag... *eyelashes*
Congrats to the fan who took that, is pretty awesome.

JA said...

regarding Paola's story...the translation is horrendous, but every word is understood completely. a great read...all 4 parts.

twilightnan said...

Wow! Thank you to Paola,wonderful story..OMG!!I can feel all the excitement you were feeling at the time when you met Rob..totally enjoyed reading your story!..thanks RPL..hi to my favs!!

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

if he gave ME that look, i would be naming our son ROB nine months later xD

hugs to my favs

twilightnan said...

Hi! Yael,it's so nice to read your comments ..missed you..I've heard what happened and I hope he is recovering well...anyway,back to our Rob..ITA with you there!!lol!!if, know at my age I don't think it would be possible ..only in miracle and dreams..he is so handsome ,I'm so in love with this young hubby is getting worried,I've got more pictures of Rob around the house than my hubby..OMG! even in our bedroom..but my hubby understand it's only a fan thing ,as you know he is the one who buys me everything Rob/Kristen/Twilight related things...Hugs to u and all the favs..hope to chat to u in mesgr soon!..thanks Linda and Mandy ..for your dedication and hard work to keep this awesome site active..hugs to all the regulars and to all Robert Pattinson fans!!