Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'Bel Ami' to debut at the Berlin Film Festival?

NordicNina reported a couple months ago plans to show Bel Ami at Cannes or/and the Berlin Film Festival.

Now, she reports that Bel Ami is one of the movies being screened at both festivals.

A Swedish blogger says that Bel Ami is one of the films being screened at the Berlin Film Festival (10-20 February) and also in Cannes. At present, none of the official programs of these festivals has come out yet so for now we will take this news as a rumor until it becomes official.

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Gossip girl said...

OMG PLEASE!!!!! that would be christmas and birthday together *-* OMG OMG OMG ;D

Anonymous said...

Hmm... The films shown at Berlin have been announced some time ago, and BA was not among them.

But an Ingmar Bergman tribute is going to be shown at Berlin, that's for our Swedish friends.

And it's way too early for Cannes, no movies have been selected yet.