Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some new pictures of Rob and Reese on the WFE set - January 15

They look like the ones we posted a couple days ago, but these are new.



Nicole said...

Gosh, you would think on set that the bodyguards could back off a little. guess not.

on another hot!

twilightnan said...

Hi! @Nicole, it's nice to know you're still commenting on rpl..still missing to see the other regulars or the other favs..Anyway,It is always a very reassuring sight to see Dean with Rob..Summit just making sure their prized asset is protected and safe..Rob and Dean are more or less like 'Me and My Shadow'!lol!!..

Nicole said...

Dean probably has the best job on the planet, any of us would die to have his job...yet we would have to share him with Kristen :) Good to talk to you too!