Sunday, January 16, 2011

Robert Pattinson chugs a Golden Globe beer, ponders going French

Robert Pattinson seemed to be enjoying himself during the Golden Globe telecast — relaxing backstage with a beer and debating on how he'd present one of the trophies.

Our associates over at Awards Tracker peeped the hectic behind-the-scenes action, where "Twilight Saga" star was spotted indulging in a Heineken with Summit Entertainment head Eric Feag.

Pattinson was tapped with actress Olivia Wilde to present best foreign-language film (a category that host Ricky Gervais said "no one in America cares about").

"And zee winner is," he said, doing his best Pepe Le Pew. Pattinson didn't use a gimmick -- and wound up not doing much at all next to a glowing Wilde.

Incidentally, backstage, Danish director Susan Bier pointed out that in her country, the win for "In a Better World" means "that a tiny country of 5 million people can actually manage to communicate to the rest of the world, which is a great achievement ... probably more than most of you realize."

See, Ricky, they do care in Denmark!


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