Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rob is TVGuide and GQ's Golden Globes Best Dressed Man

TVGuide: Golden Globes Fashion Wrap. Most of the Team picked Rob as 'Best Dressed Man' Starts at 35:35

GQ's Golden Globes Most Stylish

Robert Pattinson

Gone is the slouchy, wild-haired vampire pin-up that we know and love: RPattz walked the red carpet in Gucci, looking significantly sharper than he has for some time.


Via Robstenation


Jane said...

Man, Rob made everyone sit up and take notice.

Iluvthemovies said...

Was there any question that he would be breathtaking on the red carpet. I am so happy that others noticed what we have known that when this man cleans up no one comes close to his stunning and handsome gorgeousness.

twilightnan said...

I Totally agree @Iluvthemovies,..Rob was always ahead of everyone else in style..So beautiful and handsome in that midnight blue Gucci suit!..and Enews/Ryan Seacrest productions did not even mentioned Rob in their fashion Police show..I'm beginning to believe Ryan Seacrest continue to carry a grudge against Rob because of that incident during NM premiere..IMO..well it's their loss!

JA said...

Joan Rivers' fashion police show (on E!) didn't mention rob either. highly suspect.

JLC said...

@twilightnan & @JA - I also noticed the absence of Rob being mentioned on both those may be right about the grudge. He did look amazing in that suit. He has the perfect body for clothes - tall, trim (but not thin), great square shoulder and then the fabulous face above all that.