Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The People's Choice Awards 2011

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-Favorite Movie Actor - Johnny Depp won
-Favorite Movie Star Under 25 - Zac Efron won
-Favorite On Screen Team (with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner) - They won!
-Favorite Movie (Eclipse) - Eclipse won!
-Favorite Drama Movie (Eclipse) - Eclipse won!

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Rob's montage

Kristen wins best movie actress - Rob in the audience


'Eclipse' Stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner All Winners At People's Choice Awards
'Twilight,' 'House' Top the People's Choice Awards
Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart fly in from 'Breaking Dawn' set for awards show.
People's Choice: Eclipse, Johnny, Katy, Kristen & the Kardashians Are Crowd-Pleasers
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner: We Review 'Twilight' Stars' People's Choice Fashions
Kristen Stewart Spills 'Breaking Dawn' Details: 'I Was A Vampire This Morning'

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Lise G said...

OMG! Thanks (:

Anonymous said...


rdrumm5 said...

I love Kristen, but it seems she tries to cover up her and Rob by always leaning towards Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Kristen has said before that tabloids just make up stories to go with she tries her best not to give them good pictures of her and Rob.

Anonymous said...

especially when she knows there are cameras around.

meanwhile...when they're on set and she thinks it's safe, she cuddles up to rob or holds his hand.

Unknown said...

I can't believe they were in the front row the WHOLE time, and the cameras never panned to them even once until near the end! WTF PCAs?

Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...


I think they got there late or they would have had the cameras on them the whole time. ppl want to see Rob not Kathy Griffin. They knew they only were going to win the last few awards.

But, they look so cute together. and how he tried to grab her hand...just cute.

lucimel said...

i just love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that it? Darn the moments when the video freezes! Kristen always looks annoyed when Rob is trying to be funny. Taylor always laughs at his jokes. And Rob looks adorkable when he tells his bad jokes {no they're actually funny :)}! Lovely Rob. Kristen looks beautiful, btw, as in I want that hair! lol

twilightnan said...

OMG! the Troll is back..@honey..go somewhere else!!!Rob and Kristen are together for real..on and off screen!!

Anonymous said...
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lucimel said...

to Honey: jajajajajajajajaj
well i guess u would know right!!!!!
There is a ROBSTEN. sorry for you.

Jane said...

The worst award show that I have ever sit through except at the end when the trio showed up. Something fishy, Rob should have won at least over Zac. But I am not going to go there for Kristen beating the heavy weights of Hollywood just made it worth having to sit through the Queen's obnoxious behavior.

lucimel said...

i thought i was the only one to feel that way, Queen L was just getting on my nerves, i prefer the MTV awards, but Jane i agree.

Jane said...

I love the way Rob is not jealous of Taylor for he knows Kristen will be sleeping with him later. Gah...lucky girl.

gena said...

"all over taylor like a rash" Please whenever she's really nervous and the three of them are together she usually uses taylor like her comfort blanket because he's always so much calmer while rob's telling lame(but totally cute)jokes. it looked very unconscious on her part when she didn't take his hand (seriously who hasn't had awkward moments like that before???????????? just saying)

gena said...

i think it because rob wasn't there yet so they had to give it to Zac since he was the only one present Emma and Vanessa weren't even there. they should have schedule the show better since the twilight kids were obviously the highlight of their lame award show.

lucimel said...

i agree Gena, i was one of those. what terrible sucky show

Suus said...

OMG on this moment I hate it to live in the Netherlands because this news isn't in the dutch media. I am happy to read all the articles here and (very important) to watch al the nice, cute pics. Thank you for sharing :)

imJOJO said...

OMG Thanks, i've been like trying to find it for like 2 hours! Finally you helped me on twitter to find it (:Thanks!!

noirblanc said...

i Like in the "Tagged but too cute" in the 1st pic when he's holding the awards in the backstage, he looks soo youngg and the smile is soo childish sooo cute :))

dorym said...

They are both so adorable and adorkable, no wonder they have so much in common!
It was very obvious how uncomfortable they are in the public eye and "Queenie" is just a dumb dog.
Taylor, on the other hand is very comfortable giving speeches.
I think Kris and Rob just want to get it over with and go home. Love all of them.

Nicole said...

i know this has been said a million times...but...Kristens legs are amazing!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this blog and no need to apologize for the repeat pics!
I agree with Jane's comments...what a lame show...I didn't like the "jokes" and Rob should have won. Kristen winning was so AWESOME!!!
Just wanted to get these things off my chest. LOL

Unknown said...

I also thought that Queen latifa was horrible plus boring. I loved seeing Rob but I also think he and Kristen are having problems, may not even be a couple anymore. She clearly pulled away from Rob when he tried to take her hand a second time as they started up the steps then took Taylors hand and moved closer to him and away from Rob as they walked up to take the award. Rob looked as if his feelings were hurt, and cpomletely unsure of himself.

Anonymous said...

some people don't like rob's jacket but i think he wore it to color coordinate with golden kristen. hihi ;)

Anonymous said...

Two things I got from watching the Pcas last night 1) Rob is a very polite and sweet person who no matter what always makes a bad situation into a good one 2) Kristen is a very cold person who cares more what the public thinks then she is ever willing to admit 3) as soon as those twicrap movies are done he is going to find himself a very nice and mature person to be with. As for Kristen whatever relationship she is in with in the future she will continue to hide it and lie about it. There’s a difference between not flaunting your personal life with being ashamed and embarrassed by it. Heartbreaking for the other person ( poor Rob).

Anonymous said...

I’m a huge Kristen fan and I do believe in Robsten but how she acted was not respectful at all to Rob.
She really does act like he embarreses her but that’s between them. If he doesn’t mind that, good for her but there was absolutly no need for her to hang all over Taylor!!!
And why did Taylor help her with her strap? in front of her boyfriend and the audience! it’s just rude.
If Rob where to do that to his best friend (female) in front of Kristen and an award audience, how would the world react then?

lucimel said...

im a Robsten Fan all the way, really, i love them, i just think she doesnt want people to say anything about them it must be really hard for them to hounded for everything but i just wish them all the happines, she is mature but still she is very shy if i was in her shoes i would probably do the same hide myself from others.905