Saturday, January 15, 2011

NEW Outtakes from Rob's new photoshoot

ETA: Added a bunch more - last ones

As always, thanks to Setje at Pattinsonlife for them.

Click for fullsize

I think these two were posted already, but here we go


y@zz said...

Too much Outtakes to digest in one day, and in a few hours!

I think I'm officially dead *-*
not going to make it until tomorrow at the Golden Globe Awards! and to see him in a suit ! Double heart attack!

Dont know wich I prefer, but i think is where he is leaning against the wall with a tie, that look kills me!

FanFicCrazy said...

Honestly, I don't fan-girl that much.. But these just kill me.. They keep coming and coming! I love the one with his reflection in the window.. Always love dressed up but my still all time fav is him with that damn hoodie on! Don't know why but gosh!

JLC said...

The gray hoodie photo - lord those eyes. Can you imagine getting to stare into them???

Anonymous said...

How does setje get these? I am not complaining :) But I do not like the feeling of being left out of the loop....what connection does she have? Is it a secret? lol Lovely Rob.

Suus said...

It's a early sunday morning over here but now I am awake yeah great pics :) he's so gorgeous in al his work. I like that