Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Robert Pattinson - Does he have the potential to be the next Johnny Depp?

Robert Pattinson has leapt to such meteoric heights with Twilight that I am compelled to compare him with his veteran counterpart, the super sexy Johnny Depp.
Hollywood’s sexy actor Johnny Depp who, at 46, gives the young breed of actors a run for their money is considered (and rightly so) the world’s sexiest and most stylish man alive. Besides being a gorgeous-looking hunk, he’s one of the finest actors to have ever graced the showbiz industry. His vitality on the sets is infectious and he never fails to showcase his versatility that he always carries in his heavily-laden armour.

Now, it’s true that Robert Pattinson has just kissed stardom and he has to prove his mettle for years till he can step into the shoes of Jack Sparrow. But, does he have the potential:

The points in Rob’s favour are:

1. His unmatched sexiness
2. Those toxic eyes and that cold, penetrative stare
3. His wit
4. His amiability and overall persona
5. His style (Rob is the trend setter with his messy hair and hooded jackets)

However, a few elements that Rob needs to work on are:

1. His acting (Rob has to take it to a higher notch to come anywhere near Depp)
2. His craft of dialogue delivery
3. Choice of films (as a post-Twilight Pattinson will be carefully scrutinised)
4. His dedication and passion for cinema (He nurtures feelings for music that may see him take his acting a tad recklessly)
5. His comfort level before the camera (he needs to shed all inhibitions that he recently showed while filming bed scenes in ‘Bel Ami’). He must realize that when the camera starts rolling, he no longer remains Pattinson but transforms into his character wholly.

Dear readers, I have presented before you the stats that came up to my mind. Now, it’s your turn to take an unbiased stance and prophecy whether he will be the next Johnny Depp…….


This is the source's opinion about the subject, not ours. What do you think?


lostchances said...

Tis true. Although I love how Rob acts and stays himself all the time on or off cam. I can sense that he is hiding something and that is why he is so guarded. I long to see him cry with tears shedding down his cheeks and him absolutely lose every inhibition. He is lucky he is already charismatic but he does need to work on those. I also found myself seeing those tics the critics have pointed out (bad me!) but I do. Like when he closes his eyes or scrunches his brows, he doesn't look at the other actor when he says a really pivotal line or when he just screams too much.

I still love him though. At least I know he makes this world beautiful and interesting to us, his fans.

lostchances said...

Also let me point out that it is strange that all the time, the cameras avoid doing a close up on him looking directly at the camera. I just noticed that. it is like they always make a medium shot or side shot of him. If they do the close-up thing, i am sure it will be more effctive and Rob would work that much harder.

Layna said...

I have also noticed the lack of eye contact thing too Rowena but I notice it more in his earlier stuff. He does it a lot in Little Ashes where he's looking off to the side and not to who he's talking to. I think the little bit he does it in Twilight works for the character since he is hiding something. I have no doubt that he could be as big as Johnny Depp especially the longer he's involved in the atmosphere he's in now he'll surely learn more and grow as an actor. He can do it, he has what it takes- he just needs to want it enough to make it happen and I can't wait to see it happen.

Iluvthemovies said...

I agree Rowena and layna.lane about eye contact and another habit is excessive eye blinking. He does it several times in Twilight and especially the scene in the classroom in New Moon where he is saying Romeo's lines. I also saw it in Remember me. It is very distracting when he blinks so much. I do believe Rob can be the next Johnny Depp, he has a very expresive face, look at the countless photographs and the Mad Mother's Handbook movie, his facial expressions are fantastic. He needs discipline and as stated if he wants it bad enough he will achieve Johnny Depp status.

Mika said...

I was just curious if the writer is someone who was on set while the bed scenes in Bel Ami were being filmed. The way it reads, it appears as though the writer witnessed them. What do you guys think about that? I hope Rob didn't hold back for those scenes. So is the writer basically saying he's too shy to do those type of scenes?

lostchances said...

@ Mika: For his sake I hope not. I know I will never tire of him but he needs more than his fans to last in this industry. He has got to break eveything that holds him down if he wants this as bad as we think he does. I know the critics will just keep putting him down and no matter what we do, our voices are not gonna be as compelling as theirs.

I will keep praying for him.

Iluvthemovies said...

I believe he looks comfortable doing love scenes, if you look at Haunted Airman, of course he is paralized but from the waist up he looks like he is giving it his all and Little Ashes. The little we got to see in Remember Me doesn't give you much but I think English actors are less shy about doing the naked and lovemaking scenes. I can hardly wait to see him in Bel Ami and I do hope he gives it his all. I don't think the writer had access to the Bel Ami set, those are pretty much closed sets with the minimum of film crew on set to shoot those scenes.

Mika said...

I completely agree with you guys, I think he looks comfortable doing those scenes as well, it just caught me off guard when the writer said they saw "inhibitions" while he was filming Bel Ami. I'm sure he'll be fine! I know he says those scenes make him nervous, but I've never seen that on film.

Jane said...

Rob is still shy as hell. But listen people, he is just starting out and he has had no real acting lessons. He has to learn and every movie he does, he will learn that much more. Johnny is 46, twice Rob's age with a lot of movies under his belt. Some of Johnny's earlier movies not that good and he had to pay his dues. His acting became better with age just as Rob's will. I don't compare Rob to anyone, for he is so different but I think he will grow with each movie he makes, learn the craft of acting and will continue to blow us away. I feel he rather be known as a great actor instead of a comparison. He still is a whole lot of eye candy.

Jane said...

By the way, where is Rob ?No new pictures of him since he and Kristen left Hungary, but new picture of her at the festival in California on the 18th.

lostchances said...

@jane, yup no pics. I am gravely worried. Hope he is alright and soon we will see that great big smile of his.

Heather said...

I don't get this "Rob is a mediocre actor": aside from Twilight and now Remember Me (a great role in a thought-provoking story), he has done "Little Ashes" and - especially - "How to Be". He won a European actors award for the latter, and he deserved it. Rob's trouble is, like that of every other Twilight actor, the 'critics' think they are light weight nobodies who (unforgiveably) were in a huge success of a movie no one (especially the critics) expected to make a dime. Rob is going to do fine: he wants to do well in interesting roles; he is willing to work hard at his Art; he works at keeping his friends and he admires his family.

Jane said...

New picture of Rob on Celebuzz. He talks about want to party with Kristen at the festival. He hated to miss out on the bands. Said he was still be Budapest. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, there are lots of aspects of Johnny Depp that Rob does not need to emulate. Johnny has been really built up in the press and he is really good, but Jeez there are far better. (Daniel Day Lewis for instance and in my opinion)

Nora said...

Wait....why in the world wud Robert Pattinson be the next Johny Depp...????? Rob is Rob...get it..?

And btw this web always put up crappy articles esp when there's nothing to report...just so u know..

Iluvthemovies said...

Robert does not need to emulate Johnny Depp, but they share similarities. There is no sitings or photos of Rob in the news lately so I think this is an article that people can debate and discuss. Both Johnny and Rob did not want to be known for their looks. Johnny took on different roles after 21 Jump Street and Nightmare on Elm's Street to get away from his pretty boy looks and chose to do Platoon, Cry Baby and Edward Scissorhands. Rob is following a similar path acting in Remember me, Bel Ami, Unbound Captives, and Water for Elephants. I don't think there is another actor who has done has many varied roles as Johnny has done and done them consistantly well. Daniel Day-Lewis is superb but he does very few roles. His best performance to me was My Left Foot, a work of art. The Last of the Mohicans one of my favorite romantic historical dramas. Robert still needs refinement in his acting and as several of us have stated we believe he will prevail to be a fine actor in his own right. Critics were harsh on his performance in Remember Me, I thought he gave a very moving performance. I apologize that this went on so long but I want to defend Johnny and I want to say that I think Robert is sensational but he is young and needs a bit more improvement before you can but him in a league of Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Sean Penn and I bet Robert would be the first to say he needs to improve before you put him with those actors. Love his self depricating ways.

Jane said...

Rob is like a diamond in the rough. He has to be polished before he can really shine.

LTavares2011 said...

My opinion is: I don`t like to compare Robert Pattinson with other actors, especially the more experienced ones, like Johnny Depp, for instance. Rob has his own style of acting, I don`t like to dissect all the aspects of his acting skills, because it wouldn`t be fair with him and I don`t understand the reason why these "critics" love to do this with him. I have been reading all over this time, "critics" doing so many predictions about how many time Robert Pattinson acting career will endure, perhaps they should be more concerned about the future of their own careers.
With the success, Rob has been proving to be capable to choose better projects, with better directors and for me this is a good point. Like other good actors, he needs experienced filmmakers who like directing actors and that are not only concerned with the technical aspects of doing a movie. Robert Pattinson is a completed artist, talented and unique. Experience is all he needs and deserves.