Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Eclipse Promo Pictures on Party Supplies

Last time it was the ice cream wrapper, now the new promo pictures are on party supplies


Click to enlarge

You can pre-order them here

Via EclipseMovie.Org


Opsable said...

How creepy is this????

loony lovegood said...

i can actually see 8 year old girls wanting this crap.

no matter how much i like rob, i don't think i'd want cups and plates with his face plastered on them *shutters*

LinzyG123 said...

LOL Agreed....creepy.

meleny said...

Lol. .

Unknown said...

We will have Twilight Eclipse
party supplies in stock in just a few days; everyone is super excited about them!

Ursula said...

Ill pass on the party supplies, I like the bookmarks, but I will wait to get bookmarks when the real merch gets rolled out, those are usually pretty nice :)

I can see how the younger crowd would like this, but I do think it's a little creepy... LOL

Jenn said...

This is just WRONG! What's next, plastic cake toppers with trees for birthday parties?!? Whoever made this decision shoud be fired.