Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rob's Hungarian Double Talks About Working With Him

Szabolcs Eszes, "Szabi", Rob's Hungarian double for Bel Ami talks about working with him


"Rob's Hungarian double said in an interview that Rob told him during the BA shoot that he (the double) looks exactly like Edward"

According to Alexandra, during the interview Szabi also said he doesn't want to be seen as a "mini Robert Pattinson" forever.

Translation: alexandra1116

Via RobPattzNews


Ursula said...

He doesnt have to worry about being seen as a mini robert because he looks NOTHING like Rob!! Gee he wishes!!! lol
I mean nothing against him of course but he just doenst... and if Rob really told him that he looks like Edward, then Ima assume Rob had a few beers on him! HA!

Anonymous said...

@Ursula AGREE :P

Cindygal said...

...he's not bad looking either,i think he's cute :-)

Jane said...

The camera would hve to be very far away for him to look like a smidgeon of Rob. He should be thrilled to look like the hottest man on earth. What is the matter with him.

Ursula said...

@jane - The camera would have to be like 300 miles away for him to look remotely close to Rob! LOL