Sunday, April 25, 2010

Remember Me Crosses $50 Million Mark Worldwide

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me, the $16 million production referred to by some (those who have trouble with the Pattinson/Twilight phenomenon) as a "box office flop," has grossed about $50 million worldwide.

According to figures provided by Box Office Mojo, Remember Me has taken in $18.852 million (as of Apr. 22) in the United States/Canada and more than $30.09 million overseas.

I say "more than" because Box Office Mojo’s chart for Remember Me hasn’t been updated for several markets, including key ones such as Australia (Mar. 28), Italy (Apr 4), The Netherlands (Apr 11), and Russia (Apr 4). Also, the most recent data available overall is from April 18, or a week ago. (Box Office Mojo hasn’t updated their international total — shown on top — for the movie since April 11.) By now, Pattinson’s Remember Me has undoubtedly already crossed the $50 million mark worldwide. And it still hasn’t opened in foreign territories such as Japan, China, and South Korea.

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Cindygal said... those are good #s!!! i just hope it makes up to $60m.

Silvana said...

Remember Me it is the beautifulst film and Robert Pattinson is an extraordinary actor any seems interprets.

lostchances said...

I love Remember me and Rob so, therefore, they deserve this success. I wish the rest of the world would accept that Rob can open a film and that he is a good actor who could be great.

Jane said...

Well, this proves that Rob can carry his own film and the DVD's aren't out yet which will only add more to the grand total. It was a great movie and I still think about it and am very anxious to get my DVD.