Friday, April 30, 2010

Robert Pattinson Awarded Best Actor for “How to Be” at the Strasbourg Film Festival

ETA: He actually won that award in 2008. - Thanks to RobPattOnline

Rob was awarded "Best Actor" for his performance in "How To Be" by the Strasbourg International Film Festival

Other awards received by Twilighters for non-”Twilight” performances fall primarily in the niche, festival, or independent realm. Robert Pattinson’s sole non-”Twilight” win was awarded by the Strasbourg International Film Festival—he was honored with a “Best Actor” designation for his performance in “How to Be”.

Source via Spunk_Ransom


behnaz said...

lovely rob

Heather said...

I have said, and keep saying, Rob Pattinson is a very fine film actor! In How to Be, he IS Art, the poor loser schmuck. His trouble is, the Twilight Series has been blown off as a 'teen girlie' movie, and therefore not worthy of 'serious consideration' by critics. Too bad. But Rob has a great future in acting.