Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rob Spotted Having Lunch Today in Vancouver

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Cyndi said...

So, since he is in Vancouver to refilm a few scenes for Eclipse....does that mean he gets to get his haircut as he has been wanting to and I would like to see? Wonder what kind of hair style he'll have in WFE when he starts to film that. I heart Robward hair! I heart Rob even in a shaggy hairdo also!! :) YUMMY!

GiGi said...

He's always got dirty clothes on...what's up with that! He needs to clean it up!

Soulmate13 said...

HAIR? CLOTHES? Is this all, what you see on the pic??? I mean - I see a really happy Robert! And I think, this is the most important thing! Sorry, but I dont understand how you cant see it... he is shines on the whole face! I am really happy with him! THIS smiling is for me the most important thing - it makes me so much happy - I think for the rest of the day I am a really happy person! sorry but I must say this, because it makes me worry! I wish a nice day!

RPnKSaddict said...

If u love Rob than it won't matter what he's wearing.He's not working and having a down day.Let the guy be comfy.

Juliet4Rob said...

I love that Rob is stopping to sign an autograph for a fan. But after looking at these pictures I realized the man in the white hat is no "fan" of Rob's. He is one of the autograph hounds. I saw him at the MTV Movie Awards and he and his partner said they had flown down from Vancouver to get autographs from celebrities, including the Twi-cast. They had a whole portfolio of different celebs. They sell the autographs to the highest bidders. So sad that people like this are making a profit off of someone they know or care nothing about.

Sarah said...

Yep, Juliet.. that's most likely the case a lot of time you see some of these "guy fans" LOL - but Rob knows that, he's mentioned that briefly before - he's just too nice of a guy and does it anyway when he feels like it.

Anyway, I'm confused, he's not clean-shaven here for Edward yet? Hasn't started his scenes? Or this was before he went to set maybe.

Delle1 said...


the jacket is Ralph Lauren $550,and it's what you call distressed.Check it out on the Eclipse movie site comments.

behnaz said...

au lala
where did he go?

Soft Ragoo said...

I think I recognize those shoes with Rob... Tom? Is that you??? ;-)

Jane said...

The minute I saw this picture, I laughed for that's my Rob, all smiley and happy because he is with his lady love and things are good. I expect his outfits, wouldn't be Rob without them.

Anonymous said...

Soulmate and any others who are ragging on our comments about his hair or clothes. I am always the first one to come to his defense on his appearance. I love the way he looks. I was simply voicing my opinion on how I like his hair shorter than he had it in Bel Ami filming, and the fact that he also has made comments on interviews how he wished he could cut his hair because it was to long for his liking. That was actually during his Remember Me press tours. I love Rob and the way he dresses, w/ or w/o facial hair, long hair short hair. He is awesome, and it is great to see him smiling. A smile only makes anyone that much more appealing! So chill out and let others speak their thoughts without you jumping all over them.

LTavares2011 said...

Interesting and interested is the man that moves
with his beanie and jacket
in the streets everywhere
it is so delightful to see him walk
cause it seems so decided and strong
he is full of plans and dreams
he is my misterious man that moves
with his beanie and jacket
he demands respect
with a smile on his face
and an ideal in his heart.

Rob, this is for you, with all my love. You are my inspiration.

Jane said...

I hope you all have you People magazine. Rob got a half page spread as one of the most beautiful people of 2010. Talk about sexy, I was so proud of him and naturally I cut out the picture.

Gigi said...

The jacket he has one is like that it is not dirt ...and one final note if he did not had to film until today ,why did he got there 2 day early ??? wonder if anyone is the resond for a great smile ...only saying ...

meleny said...

Definitely he's happy and we all know why. .. nice to see him again! I love you Rob.

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