Thursday, April 15, 2010

The girl that keeps meeting Rob, met him again during the UK Remember Me Premiere

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17th March, Leicester Square, London.

The 17th March was supposed to be the day I attend my university visit day. This being the university I wish to go to this coming September. Then Summit go and decided 'oh let's have the Remember Me Premiere in London on the 17th March'. Not cool Summit not cool. So I ended up sacrificing my education to go (bit extreme, but yeah I blame Rob if I fail school!).

I got up at an ungodly hour to get a 2 hour train journey to London. How I managed to stay alive when I'd had 3 hours sleep was beyond me but I made it, then trekked down to Leicester Square (I'm getting good at this 'getting around London' business, I didn't even have to ask anyone directions. ;D)

I met up with a few friends and the wait began. It wasn't as cold as the NM fan event so I was satisfied to sit on the floor and play games on the iPod. Wearing my pink coat as usual, a few girls actually approached me asking if I went to the NM event, because they recognised me. (I just love my coat, it never fails to bring attention).

After a million hours of waiting and a numb bum, the security started to come out and set up. After a 10 minute (literally) fight to stand up, I got up and prepared for another long wait, squished up against the barrier. (Yeah I love standing at the front, it's fun ;D). But it was okay, staring at this giant poster was entertaining.

The day dragged on, then they started putting the red carpet and that just excited me. Only then did I discover I was standing opposite the press, me and my pink coat didn't like this because me + video sweeps of the crowd = not good. Did you see the NM one I posted? Yeah, my face isn't a pretty sight when it's fangirling *is ashamed of self* Coming home to find this posted to me on Facebook multiple times wasn't fun. from 1:21... yeah that's me and my pink coat. The camera would stop on me, pfft.

Time continued to drag, then the 'no bodies' started to arrive. Don't get me wrong, I got excited but you know everyone was just waiting to see a messy mop of hair pop out of one of the cars. Whilst the wait continued the twins from Skins came out, Megan and Kathryn Prescott. They were the only ones I found interesting. Plus my friend is a big Skins Twins fan so I had to take multiple pictures just for her. :) (I'm a good friend I am!)

So yeah, fast forward whilst they all went in, Emilie de Ravin arrived (I felt bad for her since no one screamed or anything when she got out the car, bad times). But still, she looked super pretty and was just lovely in general. :)

However all the quietness changed when the man himself got out. And even though I knew Stew wouldn't be there because she had The Runaways Premiere (there's a time difference, she could of made it! ;D) I died inside a little when she actually wasn't there. But anyway, Robert, WOW is the only word I can think to describe the screams. I've never heard so many in my life. It was actually quite scary. I then got pushed even further into the barrier (yeah me and the barrier became best friends by the end of the night, me being pushed up against said barrier all day tends to make want to befriend inanimate objects).

I then realised that he was walking over towards where I was, he only went and got interviewed right in front of me. (If you take any of these pictures, credit me please, it took concentration taking these ;D Bahaha).

Yup he was standing this close. I had to back up a bit to take these pictures because he was so close. :) All through the interview he was his usual adorable self and his hand did not stay out of his hair for more than 5 seconds (not that I was complaining).

And my favourite picture of Rob ever! Which I just so happened to take (seriously it's so lovely)... brace yourself...

HOW CUTE IS THIS PICTURE. It just sums Rob up. Beautiful, adorable, gorgeous and many other describing words. If I could make a dictionary, I would make sure this picture was the definition of beautiful. <3

So yeah fangirling over. After I had fun taking a million and one pictures of him, he went away to start interviews with the press. :( Boo! However, when he was getting interviewed opposite me I decided to become a full on perv and take pictures of that beautiful man's bum. :) *smiles sweetly*

Perv time over. ;D So after a long wait whilst he doing interviews, actually funny, you could tell when someone would mention Kristen because someone just jump in like NO! Bahaha. He just can't get a break. :') Anyway, he came over near us. Yay. Good times. However, getting even further squished into the barrier and books and picture threw in my face was bad times. :( I could just about see. Crazy fangirls behind me were set on killing me I swear.

So anyways he comes over near us, trying to sign everyone's objects (bless him) and I go and do the silly thing of asking him for a picture. He stops and gets attacked by everything. Books, pictures, wouldn't be surprised if there was kitchen utensils being shoved in his face. So many objects, which all happened to be hitting me in the head, the face, the ear. Ouch times. But anyway, he said 'sure' and smiled at me. *melts inside*

People clearly didn't get the point that they needed to back up and continued to throw their shit at him whilst we was trying to take a picture with me. So being the dear he is, he asked them nicely to move their stuff out my face. NAWWWWWWWWW. :D And even moved a few objects from hitting me in the head. He then said 'learn over here a bit more' so I could actually be seen in the picture. Then, then, then, then the best thing happened. Ever.

He looked at me then said 'you know, we really have to stop meeting like this, people are gonna start to talk' :D *squeals like a fangirl* I just smiled. What do you say to things like that? We're obviously BFF's now. Bahahahaha. ;D The fact that he remembered me... at the Remember Me premiere is an epic win. So he went about getting a picture with me, I said thankyou, he smiled and continued with the picture signing. All in all it was amazing. :D

My picture with Rob... Ahh, I've never felt so sick in my life. My excuse (and yeah it is a valid excuse) is that I had been up since 4am, with 3 hours sleep and camping out all day until 6/7pm. That my friends is why I look so god damn awful on the picture. But do you know what? I don't care. Because...
I got a picture with Robert Pattinson and he remembers me. :) How many people can say that?

(My friend's picture fail of me getting a picture with Rob. I see you Rob tongue.)

And finally, Roberto and myself, looking like a fool but ah well, look at Rob! ;D

Oooh and, and, and I also got a board again. :) I have no where to put it (Poor Tyler and Ally being homeless on my bedroom floor ;D) But I love it all the more.

As always, if you read all of this, thankyou, I really, really like you. :) It's not as interesting as my other stories (lacking the Stew ;D) but it made my day. No, actually my year. :) 2009 was hug the Stew year, 2010 is Rob remembers me and buys me pens year. :)
Once again, thankyou, thankyou.

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Ursula said...

I just can't get over how entertaining her storytelling is!
I read the story of the first 2 encounters and loved them!
how awesome and exciting that he remembered her, I probably would have squealed and giggled like a school girl too!

Lucky lucky!! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Leydy said...

Dude, she's lucky!

I went to RM NY Premiere, I was on final week! but I decided to sacrificed my studies too!

Well I was one of the lucky fans that got in to watch the movie, I was part of the top 30. So I guess that makes me lucky?

My mission is to take a pic with him, so ONCE again I am going to sacrifice my studies to go to the Eclipse premiere.... WISH ME LUCK! :)

rottymama said...

Jeanette, You are so lucky to have such good luck AND have him remember you too! Great story. Love to hear about Eclipse when it comes around.

PS, keep wearing the pink jacket--it's your trade-mark!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! And also a little envious. Just a little though because I know it's best if I not get so lucky. I'm sure I'd cry and make a complete ass of myself, lol.

lostchances said...

I love you 3 times. I like the way you tell it. I keep laughing and giggling while reading it. I def feel like I was there with you... and then I die when i realize I wasn't.

Good to know he has amazing memory and that shows how thankful he is to have fans like you. Everytime you talk about him makes me more crazy about him. Oh well, time for Rob dreams again!

Anonymous said...

That's just the sweetest story. Rob has been so kind to you and clearly you were sweet to him as well for him to return to say hello to you. I'm happy for you. Jealous, but happy for you. Rob seems like the sweetest man ever. I so respect that he tries so hard to be good to his fans. Bless him....I wish the papz respected him as much as Rob respects his own fans. He deserves good things, not the crap they subject him to. WE LOVE YOU ROB!!!!! Hope you get to meet him again. We so enjoy hearing your stories about your meetings with Rob. Maybe next time you and he can go have coffee together.

meleny said...

Nice! I really enjoyed reading you're story, you're lucky and funny, thanks for sharing with us! Rob it's the sweetest guy ever! !! I love him ;)

Anonymous said...

gurl u and i need to talk. i'll be ur new BFF promise :)

Anonymous said...

Aww that's awesome, girl! I'm so happy for you cause even though you put your own career on hold for Rob, you got to experience something really cool instead! Who knew Robert actually takes such notice of his fans! It's all amazing :) Congrats!

Heather said...

You are a really great writer! Keep up your generous funny attitude and take up writing, maybe journalistic stuff... you are a winner!

Jenn said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting your latest meeting with Rob! I love how he reacts to his fans, and he is such an awesome, sweet guy! I agree with an earlier post, you should look into a writing/interviewing career! You are obviously gracious and sweet yourself, and would be a breath of fresh air for all beleaguered celebrities!
Thanks again!