Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One lucky girl, TWO fan encounters

11th November, Battersea Park, London. Good times.

That was good times indeed. I have a poor choice in Twilight friends, but I was determind to go.
Lying to my Mother dearest, I trecked all the way to London from Liverpool. Didn't have a clue where I was going, but that was all part of the fun.

Queuing all day wasn't that bad, making some little Twilight friends made it all the better. It was like a fight to get to the front of the red carpet. Which i accomplished. Yay.

The waiting then was just painful. My poor little fingers were frozen I couldn't even text.
The red carpet was shut off and the New Moon soundtrack started blasting around. Making me a tad more excited. Then playing the trailers, may have jumped up and down a few times but I'm an over excited puppy when it comes to things like this. :)

Alex Zane decided to try and break every girl's heart by saying Robert wasn't coming. The devastated looks on people's faces humored me to no end.
So yeah, then every car that pulls up at the red carpet, I got excited over... then some nobody gets out of it *slumps*
But then..... ROBERT CAME. :DDDDD
Yay. I don't even remember how I acted... then I get shown a video. Of me. Screaming. Like a dickhead. Wanna laugh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9YtTfOJA
The girl in the pink coat? Yeah, unfortunately that's me. My face. Bahahaha. I was over excited. ;D

So yeah, Rob came out first, he was just lovely. Trying to sign everyone's books and stuff.
He was getting close to me and maybe just a little bit I hyperventilated. ;D Nothing compared to our conversation though.
Yes, myself and the Pattinson spoke. Well really I squealed. Fan girl style. But still.;D
I had my book at the ready for him to sign, but the girl next to me decided she was more important and shoved my book out the way. :/ HOWEVER... Rob saw this, moved the girl's book, took mine off me and signed it. ;D So sweet. He then said to me 'I like your pretty little hair bow' and touched it. Maybe I died inside. ;D Instead of being sensible and just smiling I decided to squeal 'AHHH, THANKYOU PATTY' at him. Bahaha. He laughed at this, said 'pfft, Patty' and ruffled my hair.
Just ahh. That's all i can come up with to describe that moment. Fun times. ;D

So I return home form my little adventure to find comments posted on my Facebook about me... at the New Moon Event. Pictures. Pictures of me and Rob. Bahahahaha. Amazing. Every magazine, newspaper and fansite I go on they are there, earning me the name of 'The Girl in the Pink Coat'

Before he spoke to me... and me, looking utterly in awe of him

Bahaha, I look happy. After our conversation.

The end.

Read her full encounter (Taylor and Kristen's parts) HERE

26th February, Oxford Circus, London.

The day before this I was sitting happily at home in my Robsten BAFTA afterglow, when I recieved a phone call from my darling cousin in London telling me she seen Rob and Kristen at a pub the night before. Maybe I screamed down the phone for a good 5 minutes but who wouldn't. I then came onto Twitter and saw multiple news sources that they were indeed at this pub, CUDDLING, KISSING AND SHARING CIGGIES. *dies quietly*

Maybe this was my main reason, but I talked my Mum into letting me go see my cousin claiming I 'missed her and the family' and 'hadn't seen them in such a long time' Yeah right I just wanted to breath Robsten air. :) (My cousin also lives in the same area as Rob, Barnes is the place to be ;D She knows his sisters, she's a lucky girl I know!)

So I went off on my jollies from Liverpool to Barnes via plane on the day of the Alice in Wonderland premiere. I wanted to go but arrived too late. :( Sad times, so I just spent the evening being excited within Mr Pattinson's hometown. :) (Because I'm that sad)

I literally, forced my cousin to go on a pubcrawl in the night. I then forced her to go to the pub she saw Robsten at. (The weridness does not stop there) So we go to this pub and I demand my cousin tell me where Kristen sat so I could sit in the exact same place (I told you I was weird). It excited me to no end.
After I got over myself (which was like a million hours later), we continued our pub crawl. We go past this place called the Macbeth and my cousin is like, 'wanna go there?'. It looked really boring and just like a little family pub so I rejected and we continued our pubcrawl.

I then wake up the next morning to find out... ROBSTEN WHERE AT THE MACBETH THAT NIGHT! AND I REJECTED GOING IN THERE. I've never been so devastated in my whole entire life. :( Missing out on Rob is one thing but Kristen too? That's just heartbreaking. </3

After moping about all morning my cousin dragged me into town (Oxford Circus I'm guessing is the town centre, right?) to go shopping. Now because my cousin ALWAYS and I mean always sees Rob whilst he's at London, I started forcing her to have a picture at the ready in her bag to get signed for me (my weirdness just doesn't end, I'm sorry). You'll understand why this is important later. :)

I like this story, it's long but I feel all interesting. If you're still reading, I LIKE YOU. :D

So yeah, we went shopping and I bought lots of little New Moon goodies, god bless London, we have nothing in Liverpool. Literally nothing. We're losers like that. :) We end up in this little shop next to Selfridges, it sold utter rubbish, but I like rubbish. I spend a lot of money on rubbish. I talk rubbish *continues with story* So I'm looking at some little goodies and my cousin elbows me in the side whispering 'Jeanette turn round, quick, look, look, look now' Me, not having a clue what she's talking about, is too scared to turn around thinking I'm going to get attacked or something. My cousin has to literally pull me to face the other direction. I turn and guess who is standing less than a few meters away from me? ROBERT PATTINSON. :D

Oh and Tom Sturridge too! But Rob was there, infront of me. So TomStu was forgotten. :')
So whilst I was in let's stare at Rob land my cousin is shouting at me for not listening, she then is like 'go up to him' which I thought was the stupidest idea ever and refused. (I was scared okay!) So she just walked over to him (must be nice knowing him! Pfft!) While I'm left standing there like a fool.

She goes over to him and starts speaking to him like they are best friends. (NOT AT ALL JEALOUS) then asks him if he would sign the picture (the one I mentioned before) for me. She points at me whilst I'm standing there catching flies (because I'm that dozy).

Rob then turns to look at me and says 'Come over here, I don't bite' then looks down at the picture in his hand (of Edward) and laughs that lovely tinkling laugh. *sigh*
I walked over slowly (I'm sorry I'm just a big loser, it's true *smiles*) and stood before him. He asked me if I had a pen to sign the picture and I literally died a little... I didn't have a pen.

I frantically looked around the shop and picked up a pack of Sharpie pens and tore the pack open. Bahahahaha. The shop man did not look happy at this, but who cares? Rob Pattinson needed a pen. ;D

I gave him the pen, he asked me my name and signed the picture to me. Whilst signing it he says 'I hope you're going to pay for this pen, I don't condone stealing' to which I replied 'no' :D He laughed handed me the picture, took the pack of pens off me and... wait for it... PAID FOR THE PENS.

Everytime I've said I've died within this encounter? I take it back, I died when he bought the pens. How many people can say Robert Pattinson paid for a pack of pens for them? (Whilst purchasing ciggies may I add) That's exactly what he did. He gave me the pens back after he paid. :D *squeals like a fangirl* He then said it was nice meeting us and started to walk out the shop.

I, after holding in a giant squeal for so long, let it out and squealed and jumped up and down like a strange fangirl (I just couldn't help myself). What I didn't realise was that he was still in the shop. He turned around after hearing an earshattering scream and fucking SMIRKED AT ME. He then waved at us and left the shop.

The end result of my story. :) Yeah the little kiss on the end made me more happy than it should.

Wow I talk waaaaaay too much. But yeah, that's my story. I like detail, if you can't tell. It was a good day. So I missed them at the pub *dies inside* I got to meet Rob again. (Kristen would have been better! ;D) But shhhh, don't tell the fangirls. I'm grateful for any encounters I have.

So yeah, fan encounter number 2. I should really just move to London and live in my cousin's house, although she doesn't condone stalking. Pfft, she doesn't know what she's missing.

Once again well done if you read all this. I really like you. :)


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layna.lane said...

WOW that is too cool. I lol'd so hard with the "Rob Pattinson needed a pen" I probably would have told the guy that too. She better keep those pens forever lol. I have a friend who has a friend that knows him too (from way back in the day I guess) and according to her the friend helped him with his MTV movie award speech and it just makes me go you bitch, you suck lol. I would have died if I would have been caught fangirling definitely an "oh shit just kill me now" moment...great story thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

She is definitely the luckiest fan!

Ursula said...

This was really fun to read!

Thanks for posting it! :)

Anonymous said...

I would def give an earth-shattering fangril scream if these things happen. I know the logical side of me is saying "Oh shut-up you freak!" but the happier dork inside of me would say: " Oh you think so much. This is fun!". I love you and your story, hope I see Rob someday, too.

Anonymous said...

omg rob is sooo sweet!!! i would definitely scream and jump up and down after meeting him. lol

Jenn said...

This is the sweetest, and coolest!, fan report I've ever read! I was laughing out loud! I would have done the same thing about the pens, but how sweet is he to pay for them! If anyone ever wonders why he has so many fans, they need to read the fan encounters! He is always just amazing! I love the part where you screamed and he was still there and gave you that little smirk. I so would have been a puddle on the floor! Thanks for sharing!

Al said...

ummm rob is way better than that slimy little kristen stewart. just looking at her depresses me. she is sad looking.

also could you give a better description about the hair ruffling? i am extremely jeal.