Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rob in "T" Magazine (Japan)



"Robert is a 'hot star' among teens, and likely expected to choose parts that his fans would expect."

Rob"I chose a part where people would see me as a human being. I don't want to be typecast and wanted to be recognized as an individual. It's not about public image, but about me continuing my career. I thought it was important to give a performance that would leave a different impression than those up to this point."

The sudden rise of popular actors such as Robert Pattinson(and Zac Efron,Sam Worthington,James McAvoy) threaten to dethrone other sexy stars like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. That is because they have made clever plans to focus their careers along the same path that their predecessors have already traveled. They want to become something more than a flash-in-the-pan "sex symbol", but actors whose popularity does not soon fade away.

Looking at things this way, "sexy" actors have a future of many possibilities ahead of them, so long as they ensure they are flexible. Without adhering to a single image, they delve into new projects and, together with the creators of these works, go on discovering new sides to themselves. It seems simple on the surface, but if they do not have a good grasp of who they are, there is no point to it at all.

Those actors who challenge themselves without limit will continually embody different images, which in turn will keep their audience excited and interested. Those actors who can make people think, "I want to see more and more of his movies!" are the ones who will become enduring "sex symbols".

Scans and translation: clara-press

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papagáj said...

well said.

Ursula said...

this picture makes me giggle like a teenager every time I see it!

In regards to the article, I think many people assumed and still do that all he is going to be remembered for is for being Edward Cullen, and I think they are dead wrong, Twilight put him in the spotlight and I think that it is now that we will see him really shine as an actor :D .. Remember Me being the first example :)

Sherrie Jo said...

Ursula,...I couldn't have said it any better,....and hot damn,...Robert is owning this picture,...and all of us lucky to see it. Makes my knees weak :-)

meleny said...

This pic it's one of my favorite, he looks so damn HOT and SEXY!!!!!

Jenn said...

*sigh* Sometimes it's just more than I can stand!