Monday, June 29, 2009

Would "Remember Me" be as popular without Robert Pattinson?

The filming of "Remember Me" is currently taking place in New York City. Although, the film is set to be released in February 2010, the fan base is already enormous.

When fans of Robert Pattinson learned of his being cast in the film they immediately became obsessed with his next project. The question that arises is, "Would 'Remember Me' be as popular without Robert Pattinson?"

The film has other well known actors in it. This includes, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper. Pattinson's love interest in the film, Emilie de Ravin, is known for her role in the television show "Lost."

The story that takes place is fairly interesting and makes for an excellent drama and love story. Pattinson, who plays Tyler, and de Ravin, who plays Ally, form a relationship. Both of them go through their own family situations, which could tear them apart. Depending on each other may be their only way to get through it all.

The success of this film is already being predicted. Is Pattinson the reason for this or is the story that interesting?

As Pattinson's popularity continues to grow, casting directors will become more interested. Is Pattinson a guarantee of success for any movie?

In 2009, "Little Ashes" made it into select theaters.The film had mixed reviews, but many were not pleased. It's based on the relationship, both personal and professional, between Frederico García Lorca and Salvador Dalí. Those that saw previews or the film spoke of the mustache that Pattinson wore, as Dalí, and how ridiculous it looked. These must have been people that didn't know what Dalí looked like or the kind of person he was. The film was not a success, but not really a failure either. "Little Ashes" is a very interesting story and should not be written off. There are those that appreciated the film and the hard work that was put into it.

"Remember Me" has one thing that "Little Ashes" didn't have, which is Pattinson will look like himself. Fans want to see him; his wild hair, his smile, and his eyes. Photos from the movie have shown Pattinson wearing clothes that he would wear when not shooting a film. It will be closer to himself, it's assumed, than any other role he has portrayed so far in his career.

As Pattinson's fan base continues to grow, the list of films will grow with it. Hopefully, the success of his films will not just be based off of him being in it, but his acting and the storyline itself.


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Emma613 said...

I hope also that the success of his films will be based on his acting skills....but I worry about the dam critics who can and do rip a movie(and the actors in it) even though its a great movie.I am hoping that does not happen to him.