Thursday, June 18, 2009

More details on the "cab accident"

Ted Casablanca posts Summit's official statement

UPDATE: Despite the fact that Robert Pattinson was supposedly hit by a cab running from insane stalkers, not to mention that alarming security breach that left Pattz straight-up vulnerable to the crazy fans, Summit, the studio Rob's currently working for while filming Remember Me in New York, reveals it isn't overly worried. A spokesperson for the studio states:

"Robert Pattinson is fine. The reports are exaggerated, and the accident was not caused by fans. Production continues."

The Summit rep refused to say what did cause the cabbie accident, or whether or not additional precautions were being taken for Pattinson. Jeez, why the hell not? But first, a disclaimer: Sources where Rob was filming, as well as bystanders, tell us they did not see the accident. Remember, Radar also "broke" that Kristen Stewart's boyfriend was chasing her around Italy (uh, didn't happen).

Now, back to R.Pattz's safety. What say you Summit insiders?

"We're taking it as it unfolds," says a source deep within Summit, who, for the moment, declined to release any official statement on Pattinson's personal safety during filming. "Security has been increased," adds our in-the-know insider. "But there's no grand plan."

What! Are you kidding? The most sought-after star in the whole friggin' world right now just seems a little too accessible, don't you think? Plus, we're told Summit isn't exactly keen on addressing the incidents, as it doesn't want to exacerbate the situation. Nor is it revealing, at this point, exactly what its "increased" protection game plan happens to be. Dunno ‘bout you, but "taking it as it unfolds" seems to be asking for super trouble to us.

I mean, what's next? Getting hit by a bus? And what if some nut job gets all Lohan-on-Ronson stalk-stupid after Rob's cute little behind?

How crappy that studio peeps try to control who their stars can and can't bed, but at the same time, can't control their stars' safety? Not cool.


Reports from the set
The bad news first: is reporting that Robert Pattinson was hit by a taxi cab in NYC today while running away from hysterical fans.

The good news: The Remember Me star is totally fine.

The site says they witnessed R-Pattz get clipped on the hip around noon outside a shooting location for his new flick, as a crowd of hysterical teenage girls swarmed him on his way out of a store.

Security guards tried to help him, hustling him across the street to his trailer, but the taxi grazed him as he crossed the street, slamming on the brakes.

One of his bodyguards made sure there was no bodily harm done to Rob first, then screamed at the girls, "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"

OK! is also on the scene, which is much less dramatic than it all sounds. We've confirmed the cab just clipped him, which is unfortunately, quite a common experience in NYC.

Let that be a lesson to you, obsessed Twilight fanatics: We know you love R-Pattz, we love him too, he knows you love him, so let's give him some breathing room and keep him safe.



Ok, everyone just relax! He's totally fine! Allegedly, he was running across the street in the rain (to get away from fans) and got grazed by a taxi! BUT HE'S FINE! I repeat HE'S FINE! He went right back to work shooting his upcoming film, Remeber Me...

@anniecm was there:
@RobPattzNews There was only one pap and about 6 girls there - his security guard led him into the street too fast and the cab bumped him.5 minutes ago from web

@RobPattzNews @ROBsessedBlog It was the paparazzi snapping pix, Robs face covered by hood/umbrella, tryin to get away -into oncoming traffic

@RobPattzNews @ROBsessedBlog It bumped him slightly on the hip - he was NOT hurt & did not stop. Expected to continue filming today.

Love the exaggerated stories already.. "crowds of teenage girls chasing him.." LOL ... or it was just his retarded security guards. oh man.

They were rushing him, but no fans were doing anything. There was one crazy paparazzi and about 6 girls trailing behind him2 minutes ago from web

Minor incident, not as big as Radar reported, but still Rob shouldn't be at this position. Lets all be happy that he's fine and that hopefully this will teach some fans and Summit a lesson. The paparazzi will never learn and we'll have to deal with that :(
He needs more security and he needs respect.
Don't post set locations, don't post his hotel, if you see him somewhere, don't tweet where he is to the whole internet. If you go to the set, don't MOB him. RESPECT HIM


Rachel said...

I totally agree, please people leave him alone to do his job or do you all want poor Rob to go into hiding from everyone like some did in the past cause of their crazy fans. I am sure you want Rob to keep making movies and not go home to London and stay out of the limelight for years. Please respect him, he is a living person just like you.

adream said...

Exactly! Mobbing him in immature and ridiculous. I want to meet him as much as anyone...but I'm certainly not going to chase him down or jump on him. Treat him with respect!!