Wednesday, June 17, 2009

People's Hottest Bachelors 2009

10. Robert Pattinson

"It's a really emotional experience when people are screaming at you all the time," the Twilight star, 23, told about the fan frenzy that follows him. "When I was in Italy, all these people started screaming in this bookshop. Your immediate reaction is you feel like you're going to start crying. It's so not how I thought I would react. When people are pressing loads and loads of energy, you can kind of feel it. It's overwhelming."



Kiddle said...

I can't believe he's only #10. Chace Crawford??? Are they blind?

Brie said...

Hey all! I was there on the 15th...the concern over security is legit...I was 6 ft away from him while scenes were being filmed, w/ no barriers, just 2 young PA's asking us to stand back while in action mode. I could have at any point run up to Rob and or costars w/o any problem, until it was too late....scarey to think some nut job could have been in same location that wanted a piece of him...Summit needs to do something about this NOW! I was behind the whole crazed fan drama..looking on in shock and dismay....I felt so bad for Rob..actually on the you tube video u can hear me saying OMG leave him alone..where's security?? It was a joke how only 4 guys guarded him w/no one in front of him. My son at one point at the end of that video jumped in front to help out a bit and was shoved out of the way by this guy who thought he was a threat...LOL! He was trying to block paparazzi from getting a clear shot of him!! It really broke my heart to see the disrespect of this man who is sooooo giving to all w/interviews, photos and autographs. ........ It was enuff for me to watch him in action and see this movie being made and taking a few made my day...why is this not enuff for others?? Why invade his space? When will some be satisfied? Rob had some great fans that have a ton of class. that day.....these crazed fan girls were just a few...I was very suprised how chillaxed all onlookers screaming "I LOVE U ROB" etc...most were just chilling...sad that a few had to be SO GREEDY! They should be ashamed of themselves! SUMMIT....if reading...WAKE UP!!! Beef up security, barriers..maybe get Rob a car to take him to the set...a 2 block walk is a long freaking walk when u have 40 or so crazed fans tailing ur azz....btw...they were over 25...not tweens!! Sorry 4 all spelling errors...gotta get to my jazz class!! xo to all