Monday, June 22, 2009

Rob Feels 'Paranoid' of Locking Lips With Emilie de Ravin

British hunk Robert Pattinson has filmed lots of kissing scenes on his movies. However, an insider tells News of the World that the 23-year-old actor actually felt really nervous when he was videotaped making out with his "Remember Me" co-star Emilie de Ravin.

The insider claims Pattinson apparently got "paranoid" when his fans gathered to watch him filming the scene. "Rob was a bit paranoid about doing the kissing scene with so many girl fans watching," the insider says.

As of late, Robert Pattinson was photographed sharing passionate kisses with Emilie de Ravin on the dune of a beach in New York City. The twosome, who was practicing their roles as a couple on "Remember Me", was also seen cuddling during the filming of their scenes.

Previously, Pattinson was reported getting clipped by a taxi in front of the Strand Bookstore on Broadway and 12th Street in New York City when he tried to avoid his crazy female fans. Fortunately, he appeared to be unscathed on the set of his upcoming drama film just some time after that.


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