Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'New Moon' movie tie-in book cover revealed: An EW Exclusive

Attention Team Jacob: Little, Brown has revealed their cover for the movie tie-in edition of New Moon, which features an exclusive image from the Twilight franchise's second film. Taylor Lautner fans should certainly pick up more than a few copies (Those arms! That smoldering stare! Remember, he's only 17!). As for Team Edward...well, at least the image proves that the moon is not, in fact, made of green cheese.



ChockFullofNutz said...

i like!

Regina Daniels said...

wow.. this poster is awesome! i am also curious, where is edward in this poster? is he somewhere in the back or fading with nice sharp eyes at the corner? this is nice..

PRIIA Cosmetics said...

Mmmmm, love this poster! Edward looks so damn sexy!