Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Gossip About Rob and His Ladies

Hope Joe Jonas isn't the jealous type, 'cause rumor has it his girl Camilla Belle was seen drinking at the Bowery Hotel bar with Robert Pattinson.
Radar has an eyewitness report that RPattz was hanging out and drinking with two gorgeous women into the wee hours of Wednesday morning at NYC's famed Bowery Hotel.

"One of the two women Rob was with was definitely Camilla Belle, one of his 'rumored' girlfriends," the source said. "The other I only caught a quick glance of -- and it could have been Emilie De Ravin but I can't swear to it. She was blond and beautiful."
"They had all been drinking beers in the hotel bar and then Rob and two women left and got into a cab," the witness added. "There were no paps there when he left, at least I didn't see any flashes go off so the three of them just walked out of there like regular people."
Rob acted his super-cool self as he exited the hotel's bar. The source said, "Rob walked out with the two of them and he was running his fingers through his hair and he had his head down. He was wearing his usual black jeans and black jacket."


I personally am on Team Emilie. ♥


Anonymous said...

Lucky girls!!!

Emma613 said...

i hope someday soon he can make a movie w/out rumours of a hook up w/ his co-star clouding everything.I mean....come on...he is a very good actor...why does"nt anyone talk about that?

Azlina Ilzdaf said...

yeap..he is a good actor..i guess that's y they are fussing bout all the hook up.Nways...these to girls can't compare with KS....she has her own aura...that is so compatibel with RP. :D