Monday, June 29, 2009

More fan pictures and report

He did show up for a short time to film a subway scene. He looks even cuter in person. Not alot of people at all…guess alot of folks didn’t want to chance it with what was said Thurs night and what was posted in various places (it’s really a gamble). His main body guard was really cool and nice. He came over to us and said that he will be coming out shortly and to get our cameras ready. He also said that he will not be signing any autographs or taking any pictures with anyone while filming and that he was leaving subway shoot to shoot somewhere else afterward. He pulled up in his car wearing his black hoodie and went right into his trailer. Still wearing his hoodie, he left his trailer to go next door to makeup and then went back to his trailer. Got a few pics of him at that point, but all you really see is his hoodie…no good face shots. Only one pap there and he got some good shots…he showed me. When he was ready to film, he walked right past us and he was within 10 feet or so us with no hoodie….so cute. Got those pics and will send them to you under separate cover once I download. He was only there for a short time and after he went up subway stairs to shoot, the sky opened up and it was a downpour!! Most everyone except for like 2 people, incl myself, hubby and friend stayed right there at the bottom of subway stairs under shelter. Security let us stay, but said we had to move when he came down. About 20 -30 min later MTA security (?) and some others came down stairs and said that he was going to be in subway car up above for about 2 hrs filming so it would be awhile. I waited about 10 min, not too sure I believed them, and all of a sudden I saw his security start to come down the stairs. At that point I knew that he had to be with them and he was!!!!! Sure they wanted us all gone so he could make a quick getaway because he left right after that. (they’re just doing their job I know) Can’t always trust what the crew says and just have to go with your gut I guess. Well, it was very exciting and even though I didn’t get a pic with him, it was awesome to see him in person!!!


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liisa said...

you were lucky to see him :)