Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Rob interview With Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish)

"Robert Pattinson is searching for challanges"
The Twilight-movies made him an idol for millions of swarming fans. But in "Life", which is being shown at the Berlin film festival, Robert Pattinson wants to clarify that he is also an excellent actor.

- I want to do things that challenges me and things I haven't done before, he says, but adds:

- But if something good comes up which is similar to something I've done before I of course accept.

"Life", directed by Anton Corbijn has a Swedish release date this upcomming fall, is about the friendship between James Dean and photographer Dennis Stock. He's the one who took the classic images of Dean with a cigarett in his mouth, taking a walk at Times Square in New York. James Dean is portrayed by Dane DeHaan and Pattison plays Stock.

- Of course I had seen the images he took, but I did not know who he was. Anton gave me a taped interview with him where Stock was extremly rude towards the interviewer. He was obviously carrying a lot of baggage.

For many actors it always feels a little extra nervous to portray a real person (Stock passed away a few years ago). Pattison says he usually feels that "a role is just a role".

- But then I met Dennis son and it made me more aware that I needed to be fair to how his father was in real life.

To play a still photographer demanded that the actor had to be able to handle a camera properly. Pattison practised for months before shooting began.

- As a photographer the camera is supposed to be like a part of his body, he also uses it to hide behind while taking pictures. I practised with the Leica I use in the movie, but it made me nervous. It was terribly expensive.

The role as the vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight"- movies made Robert Pattinson world famous and he has many loyal but sometimes also intrusive fans.

- Although it has become a little bit better in recent years. Or maybe it's me who has become better at handling it, he says.

He is not easy to recognize, because the role in the recently finished drama "Childhood of a leader" made him grow a full beard. However it wasn't helpful on a flight recently.

- There was a team with Danish hockey girls, all in their teens. They recognized me immediately, he says smiling adding:

- A whole danish hockey team. Oh My God!

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