Monday, February 9, 2015

NEW Fan Picture of Rob in Berlin - Feb 8

With Danish Women's Ice Hockey Team

ETA: Bigger picture and now in color (source)



Unknown said...

Oh well, I guess the pictures from Rob at the airport was him after all for it looks like the same guy to me. How sweet of Rob to do this for the team. Loving his interviews, very articulate and to the point regarding his career.

Unknown said...

Such a sexy, handsome guy!

Missy Robshipper said...

This must be the team he was talking about in a recent interview. So cute!!! ....

He is not easy to recognize, because the role in the recently finished drama "Childhood of a leader" made him grow a full beard. However it wasn't helpful on a flight recently.

- There was a team with Danish hockey girls, all in their teens. They recognized me immediately, he says smiling adding:

- A whole danish hockey team. Oh My God!