Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brimstone Director, Martin Koolhoven, Talks About Rob and His Fans

Translation (source)
“Pattinson was a teen-idol. A lot of fans are still very loyal. I didn’t know he was that popular. I knew he was popular, but not that there are people that have more or less devoted their lives to finding every bit of news about him on the internet, so every interview and most probably also this one ‘Hello, Pattinson fans!’ will be translated and then everybody talks about it. And because I am on Twitter they tag my name so my whole Twitter-feed is full.

He has a kind of rebellious charisma and he is a handsome guy and he is a very good actor. So I believe he is going to be really good.”


No one special said...

Very proud to be part of that fanbase.

Unknown said...

Awww...he's cute.

Unknown said...

Yeah this is correct , we really do this . That's why I am proud of him . He is cute
Awesome , lovely , handsome and a really good person and actor too . I love to love him more and more everyday .