Monday, February 16, 2015

Martin Koolhoven Talks About Rob's Casting in 'Brimstone'

Question: How did you get Pattinson to join?

Koolhoven: That goes through an agency. I was watching some movies Guy Pearce was in and last year he was in 'The Rover' and Pattinson was in there too. So I happened to stumble on that and I fell for that role. It is completely different from his role in 'Brimstone', but I thought he was really good.

Question: What will he be doing exactly in your movie?

Koolhoven: He will play an outlaw and I'm not going to say more than that. It's a secret.

Question: And all Pattinson fans love you now?

Koolhoven: Yes ha ha ha last night things went crazy and Twitter exploded. People started to talk to me from all over the world in strange languages.

You can listen to the full interview, in Dutch, here

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Margie said...

You can be nominated for all the films in the world, but all it takes is one stunning performance to make directors and producers notice you.

Rob has delivered many more than one, but his performance as Rey in The Rover has already landed him at least one new role that we know of.

Martin said he did this casting last November, but we're only hearing about it in February. I'm sure Rob is being offered roles that we never hear about all the time, like the one he recently turned down about Elvis with Kevin Spacey.

He has the career any actor his age would envy. Respected as a professional, easy to work with and a great actor. What more could anyone want?

Unknown said...

I knew The Rover garnered Rob some new fan boys! Good on you Rob!

Unknown said...

O.O... Gosh...
People, put some years, glasses, and weight to Robert's photo in the right... and you get Koolhoven in the left... XD
Even the eye colour seems the same!!...

Now, re: The Rover.. Diamonds only need to be in the Spotlight to shine and show their colours... My nan said that all the time...

Unknown said...

Koolhaven just found out the worldwide phenomenon of Robert Pattinson.

Unknown said...

Well , outlaw . For the first time . By the way
I am happy and sad both for this . Because
I don't wanna see him in such a role like outlaw . But may almighty bless him .