Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Picture and Interview of Rob with Bild at 'Life' Berlinale Press Junket - February 9th

Please keep breathing!
Thousands girls were screaming because of him in front of the Berlinale palace. And BILD is sitting inside - quite near to Robert Pattinson (28).

During his Berlin-trip the hollywood star took time for an interview. The dark circles around his eyes showed he was tired - his crowed schedule didn't let him take a break. He was keeping himself awake with coffee and chewing gum. He got a beard!(it suits him!), he is wearing his hair tousled, sneakers, t-shirt, open button-down-shirt: Mr. Sexy very down-earth!

Fast question about his new movie "Life" (in theaters (GER) Oct 1st), he is performing the photographer of cult-star James Dean (dead 24). did the role change his relation to photographers? "Today the people only want to see the bad of the stars. This was different backwards", Pattinson says.

This is the headword! Like to take a picture? "Yes," smirks the vampire from the "Twilight" movies and takes a picture with his phone. At sight of our selfies he is surprised himself: "I need to get used to my blonde beard first!"

No surprise: For his role as photographer Dennis Stock he was shaved and his hair was neatly parted.

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