Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Audio: New Rob interview With 1Live From 'Life' Berlinale Premiere (Dubbed)


Int: Megastar Robert Pattinson was at the Berlinale. What did he do there?

Tom Westerholt: Robert Pattinson presented his new movie Life in which he plays a photographer in the 50s who accompanied actor James Dean and took very popular pictures of him. In the evening on the red carpet he was the one whose pictures were taken from thousands of fans who didn't forget him even after Twilight and from hundreds of photographers from all over the world. That isn't an actual problem for him.

Robert: I mean this is great. You always hope that the peolpe like the movies you do. I don't know. The kind I do now are all very very different so it's surprising that The Rover and stuff like that work as well.

Tom Westerholt: Many fans wondered if Robert would bring his girlfriend singer FKA Twigs to the premiere. No he didn't. Instead he brought a full beard.

Int: One last question. You took a selfie with him but not around the screaming crowd but before at the hotel. Give us your impression of him.

TW: Very cheerful, very chilled, absolutely casual. After the mega hype the distance to Twilight seems to be good and necessary for him and brings even actual benefits.

Robert: It was like super crazy three years ago. Now it's a little bit less crazy. I can go to a supermarket now. Really great these glorious experiences like going to Mc Donalds.

Big thanks to Sonja for sending the audio to us and translating the interview