Monday, November 26, 2012

Rob's Interview on Daybreak

ETA: Moving the post to the top - There's a bit more of Rob's interview in this video and we didn't notice until now. Starts at 2:38, Rob talks about his suit for the LA Premiere.

Thanks to @kstewarmpits for the heads up and @Gossipgyal for the video. The rest of the interview as the same as the one from Daybreak

Daybreak interview

Thanks to @mfoc for the HD video


vana said...

This was really delightful. I'd love to hear Rob say "Bond, James Bond'. Isn't he just the best and the lady who interviewed him seemed lovely. Does anyone know what they said at the very end? I couldn't understand them.

just me said...

i think she interrupted him a lot, but maybe it's just a limit of time she had...anyway Rob as JB...awww, a girl can dream:)

twilightnan said...

I love this interview..Lorraine(interviewer) is such a lovely lady..@vana...Rob asked Lorraine if she has seen the new James Bond film..he said he's heard it's good and that he wanted to see it..he then said that he is not very good at promoting his movie lol!!maybe because he was talking about JB instead of BD2.:-)...ITA..with @just me...I'm dreaming as well!