Friday, November 23, 2012

New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' BTS Video + Old Still Now In Better Quality

Posted as a scan here, now in better quality

And a cool behind-the-scenes video of the battle scene

Still | Video Via


just me said...

epic scene!

Anonymous said...

Just saw BDpart 2 in Brussels ( of all places) and the cinema was packed with men, women, kids, everyone enjoyed the movie and the epic battle scene was really good.

It got the whole audience gasping and an array of emotions came out, connecting with the characters. CARLIIIIISLE!!! I am very surprise I really enjoyed it.

I wish Rob had a bit more to do in the film. He is under-used. I loved Alice and the whole cast. really felt connected to the family unit.

Michael-Campbell-guy-with-long-name is cute and Aro-Tony Blair is infuriating.

So good on you Rob. Farewell to Twilight. We await for more. Thanks to the cast and everyone for giving people a very good Brussels (of all places..)