Friday, November 23, 2012

New Picture of Rob and Kristen at Heathrow

Loook who's on my plane!!! robert pattinson and kristen stewart!! OMfG

100%serious we just arrived at the same time they were behind me in the line!

Couldn't get a pic though up close :(
at heathrow going to NY

yeah they are but they have gine up to first class with paul mcartney!! Really wanted a pic might try and get one!!

OMFG I can't believe that!! So excited!!! New york city here I come with robert pattinson and kristen stewart and paul mcartney!!!

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No name said...

Thanks for the pic! Guest he spent Thanksgiving in London!

twilightnan said...

OMG!!.."Happy thanksgiving"!!.to all our friends from USA!!..thank you for posting this pic of Rob and it:-D

katy said...

I hope they have a safe flight. :)

crisk said...

Love them both, wish you luck and happiness! They deserve the best!!

just me said...

i love it when people tweet but don't give at least some small detail..
OMG is not enough, girls!!! lol.. thank you very much anyway:)

RC said...

I think a pic is enough detail. It's great to see them but the other part of me is sad for them. They would've made it through the airport without being spotted.

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