Monday, November 26, 2012

New Pictures and Video of Rob and Kristen Leaving NY Today


HQ Pictures


No name said...

That man is gonna kill me! Love his jeans and the way they fit, WOW!!!

katy said...

They look beautiful and well rested. I hope they had a great time in NY.:)

Wish them a safe trip.

Unknown said...

they look gorgeous..btw kristen looks flawless

Unknown said...

Yo igual digo que podría estar embarazada y sí es así que bueno y sí no no hay nada de malo ellos llevan años siendo pareja y sí quieren esperar más tiempo es su decisión nosotras debemos de desearle lo mejor para ellos

Sorry, I'm not written inglish

Eliz said...

Glad to see them back home and I see Dean is still working with Rob.

vana said...

Mr Robert Pattinson looks gorgeous as usual.
I love that first pic where they're staring straight ahead showing no concern for the papz.