Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Pictures and Video of Rob Arriving in Vancouver (April 29th)

ETA: More HQ pictures added
ETA2: Added video at the bottom of the post

New pictures of Rob arriving in Vancouver for 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' reshoots.



ETA: Picture of Rob at the airport in Seatle - connecting there - on his way to Vancouver (source)

Video of Rob arriving in Vancouver - Warning: Paparazzi video (Source | Youtube)

Thanks to Pattinsonlife


JA said...

oh rob...what were you in DC.

Lise G said...

oooh my Rooob :) So sexy!

nat said...

Wish i was there :)

Unknown said...

<3333333333 he's so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrea said...

Robert is definitely very sexy.
Robert least beard please.

katy said...

Rob looks AMAZING!!!